First post

This is my attempt at documenting my spending and saving habits. I could have saved so much by now but I allowed myself to ignore the important aspect of saving. I want to buy a house, I want to be able to support myself and to lead a satisfying life. I started working at 15 years old and all throughout college and I do not have any savings to show for it! That was a huge mistake and a valuable lesson learned. The good news is that I'm 22 and I can start saving/investing in my life right now.

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SO here it goes.. I'm going to start a budget and saving AS MUCH AS I CAN each paycheck. First off, I need to pay off my credit card of about $2,500.00. I can possibly do this within a month if I'm good and I don't use it for "emergencies". 

I plan on keeping my Chase checking account along with the Chase savings account. This is my main checking account in which my bills are paid from (I get rewards) and the savings account is just for chump change. This savings account will be for things I want to save up for such as a new bag or a new pair of shoes, or some new clothes. 10% of each paycheck goes into my 401k and the company matches 3% of what I contribute each paycheck.

I opened up an ING high yield savings account (not really high yield.. but 1.10% APY is not bad for an emergency savings account). This will be for bigger emergencies like if I need to pay for a medical/dental/dermatologist appt, if my car breaks down and I need new tires, vet bills for my dog, etc.

BF and I are planning to open a joint savings account and I'm planning to put in most of my savings in here to save up for a down payment for a house. This is what I truly want to save up for and I need to stay focused and motivated on making this happen. I don't want to stay here for 10 years!!! :( EDIT. Not sure if we will open up a joint savings account or maybe invest in some other way.

I also want to open up a Roth IRA and start with safe investments. Need to figure out where to start and who to go with. It's going to be fun!

So that's my plan. I still need to figure out the logistics of how much I'll be contributing to each account each pay period. 
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