Absolute Minimum Challenge!

In an effort to live below my means and to really buckle up on saving, I'm creating an absolute minimum challenge for myself these next two weeks. I'm only doing it for the next two weeks because I get paid every other Friday and the system starts all over again.

Total Income for 2 weeks:
  • $1871.12
Expenses for 2 weeks:
  • $72 cell phone bill
  • $650 credit card payment
  • $100 BFF's wedding gift
  • $100 BF's mom (living expenses)
  • $60 food/entertainment
  • $100 trip/fun expenses
  • $60 gas
  • 5% pre-tax 401k
  • $600 to savings

= $99.12 until December 3rd, 2010

This wouldn't be too bad normally, but the BF and I are going on a trip to visit my family 8 hours away for Thanksgiving weekend, not to mention my BFF's wedding next Saturday. My parents usually fill up a gas tank for me and pay for our food expenses while we're there so I'm not worried about that. I just hope I don't go all out and try to get my hair, nails and make-up done. Planning to do it all myself or have my BFF's sister in law do it for me. The catch is that I won't be transferring the $600 to savings until I get back, but as long as I know my savings goal for these 2 weeks, I won't be spending money. I'm also trying to avoid Black Friday!


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I think it's doable. I think you are up for the challenge! Do your own hair, nails and makeup (or get a friend to) and save money!

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