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I'm always thinking about saving and making extra income. Life is distracting but if you look hard, you will find what you're looking for. Everyday I keep my eyes peeled for new opportunities, ways to freelance, things to sell or trade, and just general ways to get more bang for my buck (cheesy I know).

This week alone I sold a pair of shoes on ebay and sold 2 designer bags. Each week I sell at least 1 item from my closet because I have way too much for my own good. I can't wait to stop selling because postage takes a good chunk of my budget these days!

Moving on, yesterday I showed you one of my favorite sites, WeSeed. I wanted to share more sites that I visit often, that actually reward you with points that you can redeem for actual items. If you haven't already heard of Swagbucks, go right now (click banner below)! Use it in place of google when you have to look something up and you can earn "swagbucks". Most people redeem their swagbucks by getting $5.00 Amazon gift cards for just 450 swagbucks. I haven't used it too much the past week and I already have 110 swagbucks. If you are going to sign up, might as well click on the banner below and send a couple of buckaroos my way! Once you do, you can refer anyone and earn some for yourself with referrals :)

Search & Win

Another site that I just joined is LUUUX. Basically it's a social networking site where you can post "blog" entries relating to fashion, beauty, health, food, entertainment, etc and earn "luuux" points for sharing, posting, etc. The prizes are phenomenal but they do take a lot of work to earn the expensive ones. Best prizes include Louis Vuitton purses, new iPhone 4's and iPod touches and designer clothes! I don't get points for anything, just wanted to share this cool site!

Besides these sites, I've been into collecting coupons. Just yesterday I found this awesome coupon in the mail from Albertson's to buy 10 Kellogg's products at one time, receive 2 free movie tickets PLUS $10 in concession cash. They're giving me $30 for free! We usually buy cereal, granola bars and other snacks like Cheez-It's so it will be easy to stock up and just save them for a couple months since they are all non-perishable. On top of that, when you spend over $25 at Albertson's there's another coupon for a FREE jug of apple juice!

Also check out RECEIPTS. BF and I enjoy going to Smashburger for burgers and fries quite often. On the bottom of every receipt there is a survey you can take online to get a free serving of french fries. Just enter the validation code. Ta-da... you save $2.00 on your next meal there. I've done this each time and their fries are soo good!

In other awesome news, my credit score is 755! Just found out yesterday! Woohoooo...


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