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I love the holidays and I absolutely LOVE gift giving. The downside? I have a HUGE family!! AND I'm a hardcore gift giver, in the sense that I put in a lot of effort thinking about the giftee and what would give them the most awesome reaction once they open their gift. It's priceless. Or is it? Actually it's not! I'm stressing out about keeping everything within my budget but trying to find the perfect gifts. I have about 20 people to give gifts to in my family (mom and stepdad's side), plus BF's family so add about 7 more people. There's also my dad, stepmom and stepsister. Lastly, there's my secret santa from TheFashionSpot.

So last night I started budgeting and gift shopping. In total I'm hoping not to spend more then $250 for gifts for the gigantic aforementioned list of people. I bought all the gifts for the girls and it came out to $95! I knocked out 13 people. Awesome. Then I ordered my secret santa's gift, a fashion illustration sketchbook for $23.90. Not bad at all. The BF is putting in some money as well but not as much because its not his fault my family is so big.

The secret to keeping my budget small for so many people is that we're buying big Christmas stockings and filling them up, with personalized items. For the gals - trendy jewelry, tees, tops, nail polish. For the guys - little bottles of alcohol, car detailing items, golf balls. Of course fill em all up with candy. In addition I'm baking little toffee shortbread balls and wrapping them up for everyone, possibly chocolate chip cookies too. There are lots of cute packaging items at Michael's to wrap baked goodies in. For my parents and BF's parents I'll be shelling out a little more for more thoughtful gifts.

I'll keep updating you guys on my Christmas shopping but I'm hoping to do most of it online this year. I like to get it out of the way early, that way I'll be stress free to just enjoy the holidays! :)

So how much do you budget for Christmas gifts? Any cheap or creative gift ideas for kids or adults you would like to share?


Money Pinch said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I usually spend more for my family & BF, probably about $100 each (so that's $400) already. As for my friends and BF's friends, I do my Christmas shopping throughout the year. I give them a goodie pack filled with cookies & bath stuff. This year, I spent about $40 on goodies so far. BF and I plan to also include a mini-calendar card (ones you can carry in your wallet) for each couple we know which is a collection of their pictures throughout the year.

erika said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

^Wow that sounds awesome, I should start buying these little gifts year round since there are so many people to shop for. I like the mini calendar card idea!

Girl Makes Cents said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Good job with the gifts! Last year I started a gift fund for Christmas and throughout the year I contributed to it. Now I have $800 saved up in it to spend! So I won't have to worry too much about where I'm going to find Christmas money. It's my first year doing this so I hope it goes well. Now just to decide on what to get everyone, that's the tough part!

Anonymous said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Keeping things within one’s budget is a challenge not that many can actually go through. I can say that I am one of those people. When it comes to gifts giving events I get so obsessed that I always increase my budget and then go beyond its limits. It is crazy, I understand, but still. Last year I even managed to take out instant payday loans online. Stupid me, I know that. Next year I am going to start getting ready to the holiday season beforehand. I will not borrow money just to buy presents. We all need to understand one simple thing: friends and family love us for who we are, not for the price tag on the presents!

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