Hungry Bank

Okay seriously. How could someone NOT want this cute little piggy bank? It has a motion sensor that activates it to "chew" on your money. Cumbersome but still cute.

So this weekend was great, I did an awesome job at saving money. I got paid on Friday, paid "rent" to my BF's mom, and only spent $30 on eating out the entire weekend! Saturday my dad took me out to eat at a Brazilian steakhouse so I saved $41 :) Don't we all love parents? They are so good to me! 

I took the BF out to eat on Friday night for $20 total and on Sunday he bought us dinner. I'm trying to figure out my "eating out" budget each month but it's so difficult. Obviously I would hope I spend less than $200/mo on eating out but right now I think we eat out more than we cook at home because we live with his parents. Our only groceries are usually chicken, lettuce, fruit, veggies and some snacks. We make salad everyday for lunch which saves a TON of money, not to mention helps us stay fit. It consists of red leaf & green leaf lettuce, broiled chicken, cucumbers, carrots, and sometimes corn. I make the ranch dressing homemade because BF loves ranch, and I tend to stick to a ginger vinaigrette. If we don't spend too much on groceries, I think we'll be okay with the eating out budget.

Anyway, I shouldn't have spent $6 getting shaved ice with all those toppings last Sunday but I didn't have cash and the minimum for using a credit card was $5.00. That was a lesson to always carry at least $20 with you because you might have to spend more without cash. Also I had Panera Bread for lunch yesterday and it came out to $7.60. I now feel guilty about it but I know I shouldn't. Budgeting and saving is a real eye-opener and I'm glad it's helping me out. I haven't shopped in over 3 weeks! This is totally weird for me but my wallet is thanking me (and my credit card).

I wanted to also thank Janelle from elleandish for inspiring me and for giving me some great advice. Check out her blog if you have time! I think everyone should have someone they can get inspired by to help motivate them!


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