The internet always has a strong influence on me and it has definitely hit me hard through the numerous fashion forums and shopping sites. One would be able to tell from my financial standing that I have not been financially responsible these past few months.

I'd rather not waste anymore time so this is my effort to document that. I'm also looking into getting a 2nd job since I get off so early - 3:30pm. I'm also going to return some things that I bought before this savings kick happened. That should give me $100 back on my CC so that will bring it down to $500. I am tired of paying interest fees and my 13.99% interest rate will go back to the horrible 21% interest rate in February 2011. What in the world was I thinking by keeping so much debt in there?!

 Budgeting has proven to be really difficult as this is truly my first time taking a stab at it. I can't believe the absurd amounts I was shelling out so easily for eating out, groceries, drugstore runs, bags, shoes and clothes! I need to focus on buying necessities and eating out less on the weekends.


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