November 2010 Budget Recap

Woohoo it's the last day of November! This month has been eventful to say the least - I celebrated my birthday and took a trip home for Thanksgiving. Financially, I've completed some important milestones for myself, specifically opening up an IRA account.

Instead of posting my weekly spending recap, I've decided to post my November budget to show you all how I did this month. I've been waiting all month to post my budget but towards the end, I wasn't feeling too happy about it due to all the end-of-the-month spending.

What really did me in was the GIFT budget. I obviously didn't save up the entire year like most PF bloggers, but I did manage to spread it across a couple paychecks. I still have 2 more gifts to buy but the heavy lifting has already been done (or should I say spending?). SO obviously that gift budget is skewing my spending for the month. I don't usually spend $887 monthly as I wish (though that would be nice right now). I also exceeded the gas budget because of the long 8 hour drive to and from my hometown.

Ta-da, the whole shabang. Like I said in my last blog post, I splurged on skincare products this month and the uncategorized $140 was an ATM withdrawal, which I used at home. The fees were from my CC and that will be nonexistent since I'm CC-fee-free! The $63 for business services is from shipping items that I've sold online... also hoping to minimize this category.

I know you're hoping I didn't just spend all month right? Seriously, who does that? Every other Friday, I contribute 5% of my paycheck to my 401K, and I receive 3% employer contributions. $300 went to my Roth IRA this month and $100 went to my savings (I'll be transferring $600 later this week, but that doesn't count right...that would make it part of December). I still have about $90 in my checking account and $80 in my paypal account just as padding... maybe I will buy lunch some time this week! :)

How did you do this month? How do you reward yourself for sticking to your budget?


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