Stopping the Endless Cycle

Ah.. don't you just love email? It's great for people who like instant gratification - you can send people messages, track conversations, see if someone read and opened your email, see if someone is online/busy, etc. I guess I was talking more about Outlook. Anyway, I digress... I have 4 email addresses, and for some odd reason (my fault obvs) I get loads and loads of junk email (coupons, promos, ad campaigns) from every single store out there everyday. You name it, I am/was subscribed to their daily (bi-daily!?) email newsletter. Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, GAP, Asos, AE, Old Navy, Endless, Piperlime, Nine West and the list is neverending. Well I succumbed into their traps and was buying clothes, shoes, bags I didn't need. Yeah, they got me GOOD. They knew that I wanted instant gratification so all I had to do was click here and there, and I would be waiting for a new present in the mail.

Stop that cycle now! I kept telling myself it was just this top and just these shoes. It's okay. Well it's not okay. To avoid the temptation, just unsubscribe or delete each of these emails right as you get them! That way you don't need to see that tempting 50% coupon or the secret savings event that only their exclusive secret email subscribers receive.

Off to delete some more spam in my inboxes............


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Welcome to the blogosphere! I put a ban on all clothes shopping until I was completely out of credit card debt last year. I think it was actually easier to go cold turkey and then learn moderation. Good luck on your goals...looks like you'll be out of credit card debt before you know it!

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