Weekly Spending Recap 11/15-11/21

This past week was rather spend-y but most of it went towards gifts. It's funny, when I spend loads of money on myself and my shameless vanity (clothes, shoes, bags) I feel horribly guilty and selfish. I really love finding gifts for people (hardcore gift giver) and so I ended up spending a lot this past weekend. I know I said I would stick to a $100 budget for my best friend's wedding gift, but I got such a great deal on a 14-piece bedsheet set ($79, originally $300) and just in case she totally hates it, a cute hamper from her wedding registry ($30). I had to pay for express shipping to get it in time for the weekend, but it was worth it - originally $37, I had a coupon code for free standard shipping, which took off $16.50. Without further ado... recap below:

$10.50 Post office
+$140 Sold a bag
$11.96 Lunch
$27.19 AE (mom's gift)

No spend day!

$45.81 BF's mom's gift
$6.65 Post office
$140 Sold a bag

$10.49 Post office

$2.18 Lunch (McD's)
+$200 Sprint rebate
$100 Living expenses

$13 Lunch for BF & me
$143.42 Wedding gift

$20 Petsmart
$27.34 Ulta (make-up)
$6.63 Bruno Mars CD on iTunes

= -$54.80

Haha I ended up with more money than I had in the bank after all that spending. I was trying to be really frugal. I didn't exceed my Christmas gift budget yet, but I still have a handful more to get.


JesicaRae said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I've been going crazy buying gifts online, & I feel like I've spend SO much money. Question for you, when you track your expenses do you just write them down or do you use something for budgeting?

erika said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I use Mint.com! It's the best budgeting/tracking software ever and it combines all your accounts. I am able to track my checking, savings, investments and credit cards. I love the fact that I can use it on my phone.

If you have a bunch of utility bills, you can use PageOnce! (pageonce.com)

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