December's Crazy Start

This weekend was super super spendy. I feel like I spent so much this past weekend and I'm *still* not done Christmas shopping. I spent so much this weekend but none of it was on myself.

The damage:

Gas: $30.82
Friday Lunch: $6.75
Friday Dinner: $7.88
USPS: $8.25
Bath & Body Works: $58.44, +36
H&M: $38.01, +38.01
Sizzler: $42.61
Michael's: $14.37
Dad's Gift: $9.00
Henry's: $31.11
Macy's: $115 (credit card)
Urban Decay:  $26.10 (paypal balance)
Ebay: $27.99 (paypal balance)

=$416.33 total, $342.32 after all returns,
and $173.23 out of pocket since some went to CC and out of paypal balance.

I admit I didn't need the Friday lunch but I was starving at work. The downside? It was horrible. I had a chicken pesto panini, and the bread was so soggy that it disintegrated into a watery mess as I picked it up. The macaroni salad it came with tasted so acidic my stomach hurt after. Don't you wish you could get refunds on food you already ate?

I hit the mall early Saturday morning to get some Christmas shopping done and bought a lot of crap from Bath & Body Works and a gift at H&M. The verdict: I returned some stuff at Bath & Body that night since I decided to make those homemade bath salts I discussed (which is what I spent at Michael's and some stuff at Henry's). In addition I think I am going to return the cardigan from H&M since I bought my friend something that she really wanted at Urban Decay instead. The $9.00 was for my stepdad's gift and at Macy's I bought my dad's birthday & Christmas gifts. On Saturday, I took the BF's parents out to eat and they wanted Sizzler (this was long overdue!). Finally, on Sunday I bought some groceries at Henry's as well as some oils I needed for the bath salts. The $27.99 from Ebay was for a gift for my sister.

So as you can see... I am completely SPENT OUT. Thank goodness for my Mint app on my phone. I was able to track all my spending and gauge that at Macy's I should use my CC since I still needed to pad my checking acct for the week since I had initiated a huge transfer to my savings and roth IRA this week.

I feel a bit better knowing I only spent under $200 out of pocket this weekend, but now I have about $200 on my credit card which will need to be paid next week! :(


elleandish said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Hey girlie! =)

Man I'm in a similar spot as you.. I've already spent like $225 this month already... and most of it is because I stocked up on toiletries during a sale. =X eeeeep!

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