Weekly Spending Recap 12/13/2010-12/19/2010

Weekly Spending Recap 12/13/10-12/19/10

Gas $31.95
Ebay Fee $4.95

Groceries $10.50

Food for Less $14.81

Food $7.07

CC balance $212
Cell phone bill $71
Transfer to savings $550
ATM Withdrawal $140 ($90 was spent at the gem fair)

Coffee and Dessert $10
Gift +$200

Lunch for 2 $13.03
Express $40
H&M $70
= $362 (not counting bills and gift)

The numbers this week make me cringe but it was honestly all worth it. The items at Food for Less were to make my famous brickle bars for my coworkers, BF’s coworkers, family and friends. On Thursday, I had a great time at my cousin’s house and we had a huge crab feast for dinner. The least I could do was to buy my aunt her favorite snacks at this market. 

On Friday I paid a bunch of bills off and transferred money to savings. The ATM withdrawal was supposed to cover “rent” for the month to BF’s mom ($100), but instead we spent it at the gem fair! It was so much fun and I bought jewelry for my grandma and some family members. I also bought BF’s mom some crystals. We had a great time! 

On Saturday I drove to meet up with my dad, stepmom and stepsister and we shopped til we dropped. They spoil me too much and we had a wonderful lunch, fancy steak dinner and they bought me clothes. I also received $200 in cash for Christmas, which I later spent on clothes at the mall on Sunday. I still have $120 cash in my wallet as emergency cash only. 

All in all, I had great times with family this week and the spending was well worth it. I feel a bit guilty for spending $110 at the mall on Sunday but I needed to rebuy my favorite jeans (dog peed on them and stained them) and I used a coupon at Express to buy $130 worth of items for only $40. I might return a knit top that I bought at H&M since I don’t absolutely need it. 

Also, an update on my last post about wanting boots. I've decided to put that off for a bit since I spent money on clothes. Maybe if I am feeling spendy after Christmas I will buy some but for now I am content with my current boot collection!


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