Weekly Spending Recap 12/20-12/26

Weekly Spending Recap Monday 12/20 - Sunday 12/26

Gas $31.85
Gap (gifts for BF) $121.78
ING Direct Referral +10

Groceries $9.59

Gifts $61.24

Dinner $17.81
Jewelry $56

+30 xmas gift from cousin
+100 xmas gift from mom
+50 xmas gift from grandma
+200 bday gift from stepdad
No spend day!

No spend day!

Forever 21 $36

This week wasn't too bad but I really sucked at my Christmas gift budget this year. It's not my fault I have such a huge family! Next year I will tone it down a bit and start collecting gifts year round as well as saving up each month for it. I had a nice time visiting family at home but the bad news is my sickness is still here and I'm not getting better. I don't really have too much to write right now since I'm coughing my lungs out and I have a sinus infection. I need to take my drowsy medicine so I can hit the sheets and hopefully go to work tomorrow. I've already missed 3 days of work due to being ill and I need to get back and do some work.

A bad habit that I have is that I spoil my boyfriend a lot. I like to see him happy and sometimes I buy him things that I know he would love. We've been together for 5 years and I love him to death. I bought him some new sweaters from GAP since he wears a bunch of old clothes all the time (he's a MAJOR saver). Tuesday was when I left work because I got sick so I went to Vons to buy tea, crackers and honey for my sore throat. The dinner on Thursday was for my brother and myself - I needed some hot soup for my throat. On Sunday, all of my cousins and I went to the mall and did some damage... it was worth it hanging out with all of them, we've needed some bonding time. I miss them all so much!


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I got sick during Christmas weekend also. :( A little extra Christmas gift from my boyfriend. (He gave me his sickness)

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