Hello from the OC!

It's 7:30am on a Sunday and I'm the only one awake! My BF and I went to the OC to meet up with my family. We are staying at the Hilton Suites! We arrived yesterday and it's been a whirlwind of events but I'm glad I haven't spent as much as I anticipated. That's the one thing I love about being around my parents... they pay for everything!

The BF and I originally reserved a room at a smaller (way less expensive) hotel but when we got to my parents' hotel, they actually had a huge 2-room suite with 2 beds in one room and a sofabed and couch in the other. Both rooms have TVs, fridges, sinks and connect to a bathroom so we decided to cancel our reservation and stay here. I'm glad I saved $50+!

On the drive up here from SD, we went to Sprinkles and bought 6 cupcakes for ourselves and my family. They love the red velvet one (as do I) but each cupcake costs $3.50. That means for 6 cupcakes it totaled over $20. I don't indulge in Sprinkles often but it was worth it eating that one cupcake and seeing how happy it made my little sister, little brother, mom and dad when I surprised them with it. If you haven't tried Sprinkles, it's so yummy... head over to the closest one you can find! Btw, the picture to the right is not the pic of our cupcakes...we ate them too quickly before I thought to take a picture. It would not be fun to look at used forks and an empty cupcake box with crumbs.

We all went to The Outback last night and then we all watched Season of the Witch (really good movie, a bit scary). My mom drank so much and too quickly that she started throwing up after dinner haha. We were all calling her a bad drunk. Anyway, before we get to the breakfast buffet, I'm going to watch the latest episode of Jersey Shore... anyone else watch this? It's totally my guilty pleasure!


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Yummm! Sprinkles are delicious :)

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