Plight of Regret

Soo... remember how I totally raved about those Clarks boots I just bought and received?
Well I wore them around the house and absolutely loved them, but after thinking about them for 2 days, I packed them back up in the box and have decided to return them (thankfully Endless has free return shipping). I just don't think I need new boots right now and $130 back in my bank account would make me feel better. I think I'd rather put that money into my Roth this month or my Travel Fund.

How did I make this decision?
I have 2 pairs of knee-high heeled boots that I wear constantly right now and it doesn't make sense to add another to my collection at the moment. My other boots are perfectly fine and I have other shoes (ankle boots, flat boots, midcalf boots, uggs, etc) that don't get any wear! Anyone else have to get their online shopping fix only to find that satisfaction gone when you have the item in your hands?

Anyway I'm glad it's a new month, I need to reign it in with my spending this month. After all the holiday hoopla, I can finally pay myself much more!

Here's what I've saved so far this month:

E-Fund: $1,000
Roth IRA: $300
Travel Fund: $300
Gift Fund: $50

Total = $1,650!

I'm planning to save more when I get paid next week. I'll post my updated goal status bars when ING updates my accounts so Mint.com will update as well. It feels soooo good to save!!!


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I've definitely had that feeling of regret after buying something online. I always looked at returning as a hassle though, which is why I never returned anything I ordered online.

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