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I hate to come right out and say it, because I've always thought I was a confident person... but the BF has always told me that I need more confidence in myself. It's not that he's putting me down, he is usually there encouraging me and reminding me constantly that I don't give myself enough credit. I tend to put myself down a lot and think I can't stand to the competition...whether it be in school, jobs, parents, friends, life, etc. I don't always do this but I do it occasionally and when he reminds me, I feel better and know that I just need that little push sometimes.

I came across these tips on a gym trainer's blog, I forgot the website because I copied and pasted it onto my computer awhile back but if I find it I will of course post the source here. I thought I would share it here because it's been a general goal in my life to always stay confident. Confidence is key in looking good, feeling good, and as a result - doing well. It can help us stay focused on paying down debt, saving up for a house or staying on track with working out. I really believe confidence will make your life less stressful! I added my input underneath his tips.


* Look for a model (someone who has self confidence) and learn from them. What is it they do that makes them confident, how do they act?
I do this often, especially for working out. Looking at celebrities' perfect bodies really make me want to work up a sweat at the gym, but remember not to compare yourself too much! Things don't happen overnight, it takes time.

* Focus on your achievements rather than your failures. If you do find yourself thinking about how you failed then look at what you managed to do right and how you could correct what you did next time.
Agh, I tend to put too much pressure on myself when it comes to obsessing over failures rather than achievements. This is a major one that I need to stick with. It's good to learn from your mistakes but there must be some good that comes out of a bad situation!

* Learn how to feel good about yourself
This will be different for everyone, it depends on what makes YOU feel good daily. Dress for the life you want to live, wear those shoes that you love but everyone else hates, eat a healthy breakfast, etc. For me, when I work out a lot and eat healthy I feel really great. Working out gives you endorphins!

* Act as if you were self confident! You will feel more confident.
This one's a no brainer but I always forget to act it even though I don't feel confident.

* Focus on who you are and what you like about yourself. Why do your friends like you?
I'm not sure why my friends like me...maybe they don't haha! See there I go again with putting myself down. I think they like me because I'm super easy to talk to and I love to laugh and make them laugh. I think I'm pretty fun to be around if I say so myself.

* Prepare thoroughly for any task so that you can be sure you are ready.
I'm no stranger to planning and I think it helps a lot. If you go in with a plan, you will feel confident about what you are doing. In a sense, practicing something makes you feel more confident. Also, planning out what you will be doing lets you think about things to fix any oversight that may occur later. I use my phone for note taking and making lists, I'll share my favorite Android apps in another post.

* Work on any skills you need to do what you want, you can never be over trained or over skilled for any challenge in life.
Makes sense. This reminds me of that saying that you can never overdose on Vitamin C, not sure why lol. I think what the trainer is trying to say is that you can never be too prepared or too ready for what you plan to take on.

* Work on your relaxation skills

* Always smile and stand up straight
A big problem for me is standing up straight! I slouch way too much. This should be another new year's goal. It's so difficult to remember!

* Set reachable goals for yourself and break difficult tasks into smaller steps

* Reward yourself when you succeed no matter how small the achievement
I agree! Just not with anything that makes you take 2 steps back... like buying a new car when you get out of debt if you haven't saved up for it haha.

* Finally, I advise you not to be too competitive or compare yourself with others. Be yourself and accept that life is not a race against others but your self confidence depends on you and your personal needs.


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:) What a great post! My BF always tell me to have more confidence in myself too :D

And I agree with you, we all need a little push or a reminder that what we do everyday is special in some way or form ;D

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