Using My $20 Amazon Gift Card for...

I received my LivingSocial Amazon gift card the other day and applied the $20 to my account. Initially I thought I would use it to buy some shoes off Endless.com (one of my favorite shoe shopping sites) or that I would buy some books off Amazon that I have been sort of wanting to buy (fiction as well as personal finance).

This may also seem bizarre but I have been wanting to buy food items off Amazon - 1) candy and 2) pop chips! I love pop chips so much but buying them at my local Henry's is expensive for a tiny bag of chips. I can get 48 oz of pop chips off Amazon for only $16. I'm also quite the candy connoisseur (ok, a candyholic) and the BF has been wanting me to try Bon Bons out (a french candy, apparently his favorite as a child) and I've been dying to try them!
So what would you do? Buy the chips, candy, books, or save it for an awesome pair of shoes?


me in millions said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Pop chips are majorly yum!

pennyspender said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

... am i bad for saying the food?!?! this coming from a girl who LOVES shoes. oh, and bon bon's are sooooo good. you must try them!!!

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