Weekly Spending Recap 12/27/10-1/2/11

It feels weird writing "2011" and it will probably take a couple months for me to adjust as usual! Hope everyone had a great new year's eve! Mine was relaxing since I am still recovering from being sick and I have had a crazy December traveling around and whatnot.

Meds from the Pharmacy $18.41 (will be reimbursed by insurance)

No spend day!

Boots $130.47

Carl's Jr $12.78 - cash

Friday - Payday!
USPS $10.70
Haircut (incl tip) $46 - cash
Walmart $10.37
Chipotle for 2 $14
Wedding pictures $37
Walmart refund $5

Lunch for 2 $13.03
Eyeliners (6 of them) $35.94
Walmart (snacks and resume paper for BF) $12.62
Ebay $53 (printer ink)
Vons $9.87
Money from Dad +550

No spend day!

total spending = $404.19

I had a crazy spending week. All the transactions seemed so small, but they all added up so quickly :( I really needed a haircut on Friday, which I had been postponing for a few months now. The last day to order wedding pics from my BFF's wedding was on Friday so I procrastinated and tried to buy them that night with my mom's Amex but they didn't accept Amex, so I had to use my money. Funny story with the big eyeliner purchase - I have been using the Maybelline Line Works liquid liner in brown since 7th grade (9 years now) and I found out it's been discontinued so I bought 6 of them online for $35. They will probably last me for awhile.

I feel bad for spending so much this week but I'm transferring $1300 to savings this week as well as $300 to my roth IRA. The boots did me in this week but I'm glad I didn't end up putting anything on the credit card. It's nice to know I can pay for all my needs and wants on cash right now. Today I had a great time hanging out with the BF and his family. We went to go eat at a huge buffet and had crab legs, shrimp, etc and my BF paid for everyone. That's what I love about my BF... we don't have the need to split things 50/50 or count every penny. I pay for our meals sometimes and sometimes he covers it all. We already decided we will have a joint account when we get married in the future (that's another blog post in itself). He also bought me these cute/warm slippers and new pants this weekend! :)


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No credit spending is a big deal! Even though my wallet is empty and my account is low, I feel good knowing that I went the whole week without touching my credit card. :) Better to be broke than in debt.

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