Weekly Spending Recap 1/3/2011-1/9/2011

Monday 1/3/2011
$5 (2 bags of chips at the grocery store)

Tuesday 1/4/2011
$2 (part of a tip at Souplantation)

Wednesday 1/5/2011
No spend day!

Thursday 1/6/2011
Lunch $4.98

Friday 1/7/2011
Lunch $6.94

Saturday 1/8/2011
Lunch for 2 $13.70
Dinner $7.59

Sunday 1/9/2011
Shopping $65

TOTAL = $105.21

Ugh I'm mad that we ate out so much this week! On Monday the BF bought us Subway and on Tuesday we went out for dinner since it was his dad's birthday. I was so hungry at work on Thursday and Friday that I had to go out and buy lunch. On the other hand, I set my food budget pretty high because I know about these eating habits.

This week could have been a massacre in terms of spending but surprisingly it wasn't! Right after work on Friday, I had a flat tire. As luck would have it, I checked my tires before I left work (I'm always paranoid like that) and luckily my BF took a sick day and was able to drive to my work and bring his tire repair/patch-up kit and some tools. I had a huge nail stuck in it so we were able to patch it up on the spot and go to a gas station to get some free air.

Friday must have been an unlucky day for me because my phone decided to stop working through the charging port and would not pick up a charge. I was stressing since I called customer service and they told me I may need to pay a $100 deductible for a refurbished phone although I pay for insurance each month. I went to a Sprint store the next day and since this was a known problem they gave me a brand new phone for free, no questions and no hassle. I was out with a new phone in minutes.

On Sunday I got gas with a giftcard that I received for Christmas, so my gas budget won't be hurting this month. I have one more gas giftcard to use!


RAW said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You didn't do too badly :)

I need to start tracking my spending like you do. It's amazing how quickly $7 lunches add up.

Reading this post reminds me why it's a good idea to have an emergency fund. Seems like there's always something that needs to be repaired or replaced. Glad your tire situation worked out!

Great blog, btw.

mybuckstopshere.com said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You're good! I can't get my spending in the $100-$200 range.
I was wondering about your gas budget (until I got to the bottom of your post) Gas always kills my budget, especially because a lot of times I'll fill up twice a week totaling about $100. Eek.

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