Citibank Driver's Edge Credit Card is Changing!

I received a notice in the mail from Citibank that they will be changing my Driver's Edge Credit Card to The Citi ThankYou Card! I am ecstatic since I have been wanting to open up a new credit card with a better rewards system.
The light blue one is the ThankYou card

With the new card I will earn rewards for every $1 spent on purchases AND more...

Not to mention the new card looks a lot prettier...always a plus in my book! What I am most satisfied with is that there will be no annual fee.

And because I travel so much I am especially grateful for these new services:

Lost Luggage Coverage: Up to $3,000
Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption: Up to $1,500
Automatic Travel Accident Insurance
Auto Rental Insurance: Up to $50,000
Travel Assistance Services

I just have to remember to put all these purchases on the card. Luckily I have no debt and it’s forever ingrained in me that I MUST pay it off in full each month to avoid interest fees. I think I'll start treating it as a debit card, but I will have to keep better track of my transactions since they don't post as quickly as my Chase debit card.

Question to all my readers: Do you think I should change my Chase rewards debit card into a normal debit card now? I do have to pay a $25 annual fee on it but the rewards are basically the same as Citi's, no extra perks. If I start using the Citi CC to gain all the points, then my Chase debit card won't be used as often, so I don't know if paying the $25 fee will be worth it each year.


Jadewah said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

If you aren't going to be using the debit card, you might as well eliminate the extra $25 annual fee.

I love rewards cards, you would be surprised how much extra money it racks up. Last year I was able to collect an extra 200 or more bucks off one card due to the rewards (You can choose gift cards and flights too, but I rather just have the cash!). Though I don't spend all that much as compared to others (I'm living at home - no rent, groceries expenses, etc.) I still charge every last purchase on the credit card and treat it like a debit card. Whatever I spend that month HAS to be backed by my actual cash in my bank account or else it goes back to the store. That way I avoid interest fees, which can kill your earnings from the rewards.

Btw, I love your blog. I'm a lot more conscious about all the frivolous things I buy, your blog has really encouraged me to rethink all the unnecessary items I buy =)

shoppingtosaving said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Jadewah, thanks so much for your input and the sweet comment! I agree about getting rid of that $25 fee/rewards debit card. Plus, paying off the CC each month will give me better credit vs the debit card.

I try to buy only necessary items too, maybe tracking my purchases on the CC will help me stay on track!

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