February 2011 Goals

It's the first of the month! This year is flying by, in a good way. 

I’m not a very consistent blogger when it comes to setting monthly goals or menu plans or anything like that but I want to have a go at setting monthly goals because my life feels cluttered at times… Organization makes me happy!

  • Continue taking fitness classes (at least 6 a week, doubling up on some days is ok) 
  • Stretch everyday 
  • Practice LSAT questions at least 3x a week (taking it slow for now, the LSAT is in June and I have all the basics down, just gotta work on timing and difficult logic games) 
  • Take new fitness classes. My favorites right now are Cardio Mix, Turbo Kickboxing, 24SET and Zumba. I want to find a pilates teacher I like and also try Body Pump out. 
  • Cut down on eating out budget.
Baby steps! February is a short month so this is a long list of goals. They are all easily accomplishable and that’s what counts!

What are your February goals? 


payingmyself said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh the LSAT! I remember long nights on the very top floor of the library doing practice tests. I started prepping only a couple months in advance so you're better off than I was. I recommend taking one of the short weekend classes to help with the logic games. They taught me a lot of good tricks. I forget which class I took but know it was just over one weekend and wasn't the Kaplan course. Good luck!!

mybuckstopshere.com said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Lots of fitness goals, that's great!

I need to work on my dining out budget too. It's so easy to spend on food. I always set a budget for myself, but never follow it.

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