Stop Holding Me Back!

Just a quick update post for a lovely Friday morning! I skipped the gym on Valentine's day, but on Tuesday I went running outside around hills. I must have run too hard because the inner part of my ankle has been in pain since then. This forced me to skip the gym all week including today, and I've been feeling horrible, guilty and helpless. This feeling is all too familiar, does it ring a bell with you?

Often times there is something holding me back from what I want to do, something that I have no control over. This week, it was my ankle stopping me from going to the gym. During Christmas, I lost my voice and could not communicate with family members I haven't seen in awhile. While I would like to save for all my goals as quickly as possible, it takes time and a lot of discipline. It's frustrating. I'm sure you can all relate in on way or another whether it be in regard to finances or life in general. When I get in a rut like this I often have trouble staying motivated on track. 

I know these are such simple tasks but I am sure you all have similar activities that you do to stay on track even when you are taken off the track (make sense?).

On that note - HAPPY FRIDAY!


Daisy said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I soo know what you mean.
Lately I've been feeling so uninspired. It feels like every step is a struggle! Everything is holding me back from everything, haha.

RAW said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I know EXACTLY what you mean. Last year I was out of commission for several months because I rolled my ankle in a step class. It drove me insane not being able to work out as hard as I wanted.

Same goes with finances--no sooner is a card paid off or some emergency money stashed that something comes along that has to be paid for (medical bill, car expense, etc).

I think you have the right idea to think of ways to keep positive. Feeling like you're organized and in control is half the battle!

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