Weekly Spending and Fitness Recap 2/14-2/20/2011

fail....it's not even the end of February.

$6.44 Krispy Kreme
$34.22 Gas

Ran 2 miles outdoors

$6 Lunch
$17.95 TaxAct


$19.01 Lunch for 2
$21.00 Birthday gift
$14.12 Dinner for 2

$26.34 Lunch for 3
24SET (Cardio w/ weights) - 1 hour
Zumba - 1 hour

$14.91 Wal-Mart (shampoo, conditioner, air fresheners)
$6.51 Desserts
$9.35 Lunch for 2
$34.95 Shoebuy (10% cash back through ebates)


Unproductive week in terms of working out and I went way over my $100 weekly targeted spending. I transferred only $700 to savings this past week which left me with a lot more spending money in my checking account. That's the last time I'm doing that. I can't seem to learn how to stop spending on random food and stuff when I have money in my checking account. It just sits there and waits for me to spend it. Exhibit A - see all the times I went out to eat this week. Exhibit B - I bought moccasins last night. They were originally $39 but I had a $5 off coupon and I will be getting 10% cash back through eBates.

The BF and I went out on Saturday night with our friends so BF paid for everyone including our alcohol. Since we knew he would pay for that, I spent a lot this week on eating out since I paid for the rest of our meals. Plus, BF's little cousin had a birthday party on Friday and we bought her a gift. In addition, we babysat that same little cousin on Saturday. I don't mind helping BF's family since he always buys my siblings gifts and takes my family out to dinner.

Anyway... long spiel for a holiday - btw, happy president's day! Is it me or does this country have way too many holidays? Either way I work for almost half of them.


fabulouslyfrugirl said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I usually transfer "extra" money in my checking account to my savings account with ING. Just physically not seeing the numbers in my checking account makes it SO much easier not to spend.

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