Weekly Spending and Fitness Recap 2/28-3/6/2011

Dinner $11.49
Ran 2 miles outdoors

Target $38.63
Plane ticket $59
Ran 2 miles outdoors

Dinner $13.01

Starbucks $3.55
Living Social $9
Ran 2 miles outdoors

Gilt $56.95
Gas $30.45
Turbo Kick - 1 hour

Lunch for 2 $18.00
Rite Aid $11.56
Body Pump - 1 hour
Elliptical 20 mins

Groceries $5.45


Wow no "no spend" days this past week, that is not good at all. This week was super super spendy because I had to buy a plane ticket in addition to my hefty purchase on Gilt.com last Friday. I purchased a C&C California sweater on there that retails $150 on sale for $49, but I swear I have been looking for this type of sweater for ages and there it magically was so I snatched it up.

I think I need to halt the shopping for the rest of the month. I transferred a crapload of money to savings 2 weeks ago and now I'm down to $7 in my checking acct until payday this Friday. We'll see if I can get by until then. I'm such an idiot, I forgot that my roth IRA takes out $300 of my checking acct each 11th of the month. I am extremely lucky payday falls on the 11th otherwise I would have to transfer money back in.

On another note, the BF and I had our monthly financial meeting this past Friday and we are on top of our savings goals. We have been slacking in looking at condos but we think we finally found a great complex in an area we like. The unit we were looking at just sold so we're back to looking again.


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