Impatience ALMOST Costed me $60

Last Thursday, I decided to come in to work early. I already come to work around 7am so I can get off at 3:30pm but I woke up early that day so I came in around 6. Well, apparently someone was punishing me for it because as I was on my last light to work, something hit my tire and I heard it clunking around. Something was not right at all. I knew something was wrong.

I quickly parked into work... 
and saw that a FORK was in my tire!!!!!!

It ripped it and air was coming out at a quick rate. Within 5 minutes all of the air was out. I called AAA and had them come and put the spare. I can't thank my mom enough for sending me that AAA Plus card just a few weeks ago! In my past 7 years of driving I have not had such a crazy object pierce my tire. I've had nails and staples and whatnot but never a fork. Who leaves a fork in the middle of the street? Needless to say, it was LITERALLY the first fork in the road I've seen (hahaha sorry, I had to).

The point of this post is not to make you feel sorry for me. I'm fine and so are my tires. On to my next point!

The next day I wanted to get new tires. BF and I went to Discount Tire and BF was looking for cheaper Goodrich tires he had seen online. I was being impatient and wanted to just buy them on the spot (we were buying 2). If we had walked out of there that day it would have costed me $200 out the door. BF dragged me out of there quickly because he wanted to do some research because he knew he had seen a better deal somewhere.

Usually I'm the one that researches for good deals and compares prices but for some reason I was just so impatient and had the BF not been there at all I would have just paid the $200. Finally the NEXT day, after BF called a few tire places, we finally found a place that offered the tires for cheaper and gave us a 10% discount for mentioning yelp AND a 10% discount for paying in cash. We saved $20 just by the discounts and overall I paid $130 out the door. That's $65 per tire :) They may not be Michelin tires but that's fine with me!

Have you ever saved money by being patient? Or got jipped from being impatient?


Pushing the Limit: Going to Jail for Medical Care

My friend showed me this article titled "Man Robs Bank to Get Medical Care in Jail" today about a man who came up with a plan to rob a bank, just so he could receive medical treatment in jail. Ironically he handed the teller a note that only asked for $1 so that he was only charged with larceny (resulting in a shorter term in prison compared to grand theft). He lost his job and ended up working at a convenience store, but couldn't deal with all the heavy lifting. As a result he found himself jobless and in misery with pain in his back, foot, and chest along with carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis.

Did his plan work?
It did, and he is now in jail and seeking the medical treatment he initially wanted. He skips meals often so he doesn't interact with the inmates and when he gets out, he plans to move to the beach.

It is so astonishing to see what extremes people are coming to because of the economy. As I type this, I'm coming up with a fever and a sore throat...so I'm no stranger to illness; my immune system just seems to be cursed. Luckily I have insurance, however, the yearly deductible is $700 and I don't go to the doctor that often so it seems as though I pay a lot for insurance. I can't imagine what it's like to be in this poor man's shoes where he ended up with jail as his only option for medical treatment. Since I work in the healthcare industry (not directly but that's the industry I draft up contracts for), there always seems to be treatment centers that help indigent patients - patients that are uninsured and can't meet certain income expectations. I wonder if this man did enough research to get all the help he could?

Interested to hear your thoughts... how is it that criminals get healthcare but non-criminals can't? Do you think this man was wrong to "use" jail as his only option?


Money Psychology: Charging Yourself

I was reading a LearnVest article titled Nudge Yourself to Better Finances.

They referenced a gym that charges their members for NOT going to the gym. This is a new business practice for gyms that I don't think I will hop on board anytime soon. For one, I know I would skip out on the gym a lot because I like running outside and because I get lazy like everyone else!

However, it poses an interesting technique and I thought that I will start charging myself if I get off track with my goals. There is a website called Stickk, created by Harvard grads, that advocates "goal-reaching" by allowing you to reach your goals with the help of supporters by creating monetary punishments for not reaching these goals. Has anyone joined this site and do you have any positive or negative feedback about it? I might like to try it. I'm always up for new websites with new ideas.

For myself, I think something achievable would be working out everyday. Since I don't have all the time in the world, doing sit-ups or push-ups or anything similar would still count as working out. I try to run or get to the gym at least 3-4 times a week but to raise the bar would be great, especially with the summer season coming up. If I miss a day's workout (or mini-workout), I think I will start charging myself $5 each day that I skip, and I will have to pay myself at the end of each month for the amount of days I have skipped. We'll see how it works out!

Anyone else willing to try this out? What sort of goals will you or would you charge yourself for? How much of a fee will you impose?


Weekly Spending/Fitness Recap 6/6-6/12/2011

Another week just flew by and it's another Monday. Last week was a crazy busy work week, I really love working hard but I feel burnt out at the end of the week. It was a very relaxing weekend for me and productive too since I did lots of cleaning and laundry. It was a good week since I brought lunch every single day and it was a great week in terms of working out. By Saturday I really wanted to get to another cardio class but I was too sore!

I really hope this week will be similar. I haven't bought groceries yet but I plan to tomorrow. I have to go to LA tomorrow for a work meeting so I'm hoping I can get home before 6pm. Traffic sucks so hopefully my meeting ends before 3pm! This weekend I will be seeing my family because they're coming to SoCal for a volleyball tournament. I'm soooo excited!!!

Ran 2 miles outside

Ran 2 miles outside

+$45 Sold a coin purse
$3.19 USPS
Ran 2 miles outside

$14.01 Dinner for 2 (UGH! BF wanted food, and then I paid.)
Ran 2 miles outside

$5.50 Starbucks
20 mins treadmill
20 mins elliptical

$40 Restaurant (lasted 4 meals)
$28 Target - father's day gift


Sales: $45
Difference: $45.70 ohhhhh yeah!


Summer Lovin'

I have lots of plans coming up this summer and so little time to save and get myself together.

Having 2 different families is a lot to juggle on top of hanging out with the BF, friends, work, studying and working out. I love planning ahead and so I thought I would share some upcoming events that I am planning for (seems like I need to buy mostly gifts!). I try to balance my time equally but sometimes it's just too much to handle. Writing everything down helps me a lot so here it goes...

Stepsister in SD - My stepsister is coming to hang out sometime this month. I need to be prepared as we will be going out and grabbing drinks. She loves fancy places so I need to start saving up a bit for this.

Dad's Birthday - My stepdad's birthday is this month and I am stumped on what to get him. I exhaust the coffee and golf related presents each year so I'm hoping this year I'll have a better idea.

Father's Day - I need to buy gifts for both my dad and stepdad. I'm still thinking about what to get them. I'm leaning towards cologne this year.

Family Camping Trip - I am sooooo excited for this weeklong vacation! My entire family is coming to SD for a little camping trip on the beach. I hope we get to go to Sea World, the zoo, boardwalk, and other fun places. My cousins are coming too so I am extremely excited.

Mom's Birthday - My mom's bday is July 12th. I'm thinking of getting her the Clarisonic MIA or skincare products. She loves Swedish Skin but she also loves VS underwear.

Lil Sis Birthday - My lil sis' bday is July 7th. She's actually not my real lil sis but in high school we were assigned "little sisters" and we became really close over the years. Gotta get her something nice!

Alumni Tournament - This will be a big expense. I'm the President of our Alumni Association back in my hometown. Each August we host an alumni basketball tournament and I still need to buy my plane tickets for that weekend. After looking at tickets, just the plane tickets alone will set me back $250 =(

Best Friend's Birthday - My BFF's bday is in August and I will be home that weekend so we will definitely be hanging out. I will of course be buying her a gift and a few drinks. I'm thinking the clarisonic MIA as a gift would be nice or something from MAC.

Brother's bday - He's turning 15 this year...finally! I'm sure he will want a game of some sort this year, just like every year.


October LSAT - I still need to pay for this which is $139. I only paid for my LSAT class and that really hurt to spend $770 haha. So I think I was trying to lessen the blow by not paying for the actual test yet.

6 Year Anniversary - Another year with the BF. I don't know what to get him yet. I was leaning towards a watch but we may decide on a joint gift like a new TV, iPad 2 or PS3!


Down Payment - Of course through all of this, my mail goal is to save 20% for our down payment on a condo. Prices have been increasing for summer but we haven't seen anything we liked recently. Hopefully more condos will pop up towards the end of summer and I will have my 20% down so we don't have to pay PMI.

Christmas - This isn't summer related but I needed to include this in here because this is a huge expense. I have a gift fund but I also need to remember to buy plane tickets ahead of time and keep an eye out for sales for Christmas gifts.

January Mexico Trip - My lil sis that I mentioned earlier is a travel-whore haha. Sorry for the language. But she is, and she's begging me to go on a girls only trip to Cancun in January. I think this will be at least $1,000.

Anyone else have any hefty summer plans that they are planning/saving for?


Weekly Spending and Fitness Recap 5/30/11-6/5/11

This past week was expensive because of the Target run and the impromptu road trip to norcal on the weekend. I have to say I have been extremely homesick. Although I live in Socal, my family and friends are all in northern Cali so BF and I made the 8 hour trek north this weekend. It was really good for my well-being to be home for a bit and I spent so much time with my best friend and her newborn. He was born on May 26th and he is absolutely beautiful and a little bundle of joy!

I'm still a little homesick today and of course it's Monday so I have a bit of the Monday blues. I also miss my family and friends. My goals for this week are to not eat out during the work week and to go to the gym. I find that I feel much better when I go to my workout classes regularly. It takes a load of stress off and makes me feel happy!

$100 Target (groceries, toiletries, gift)
Ran 2 miles outside

$29.99 Bought my brother a computer game he really wanted
Ran 2 miles outside
$24.15 See's Candy
Ran 2 miles outside

$12 Dinner for 2
$40 Cash for trip (used this for food on Sat)

$44 Gas

$41 Gas
$34 Groceries




Sometimes you just need to take a step back and breathe, I know I do! I saw this on one of my favorite blogs for inspiration and I had to post it up here. I would love this in poster form as it reminds me that life is too short and I should live each day with positivity and thankfulness. That's what life is all about :)

A little update - I set up my employee stock purchase plan and I'm starting off by contributing 3%. It's not much but it's a start. I also went to See's Candy yesterday because it was just one of those days where I was emotional (PMS anyone?) and the sweet older woman gave me a sample and told me that if I ate it, my whole world would be much better. She was right, and I walked out of there 100x happier. The $25 I spent there was worth it and it was a nice midweek treat.

Hope you all are having a fabulous week!
from withlovefromkat.com
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