Choosing an LSAT Prep Course

I know this hasn't really been a personal finance blog lately but to be honest my life has been all about studying and studying so I'm going to talk about my journey so far with the LSAT, my prep course, and applying to law school. Stay tuned if you are interested!

PART I. The Prep Course

I'm taking a Blueprint LSAT prep course and it is by far the best one I have ever experienced. I tried taking Testmasters last year and it was horridly dry, we had 2 instructors and they were condescending. I hated being in class. Also at that time, the mere fact that I just graduated college, wasn't ready to study, and moved back in with my parents could have played a role. At the time my mom had me doing all the housework, cooking, being a chauffeur for the siblings and tutoring. I had zero time!

My decision was based upon their intensive amount of resources and aesthetically pleasing (amazing) and easy to use website. They offer video and audio explanations for almost all the homework, practice exams, and also lesson questions. The class costs over $1,199 regularly but my mom paid for the online course last summer (and I didn't have time to do it, what a waste of money) so this time I only paid half ~$750 to "retake" the course (they offer 50% off if you retake the class). I think the cost of a prep course is a great investment and TRULY worth it if you want to take the LSAT.

courtesy of blueprintprep.com

We have class basically 3 times a week for 4-5 hours at a time for a total of over 100 in-class hours. In addition the books lay out immense amounts of homework (which are actual LSAT questions) that require about 8-10 hours of time to do in between classes. This ensures you understand the material and the techniques become ingrained in your head. I wouldn't suggest taking a class if you aren't willing to work hard and study your a$$ off because it won't work. You need to put the time into it, but I'm sure if you are applying for law school you know what you're getting yourself into :).

That said, your teacher plays a huge role like any other classroom class. My teacher is great to look at but in addition and most importantly, he makes class interesting because of his humor and his passion is evident in his teaching style. He responds to my homework questions via email on Saturday nights at 11pm and he also takes the time to answer all my questions in class and after class. He also doesn't make you feel stupid and is extremely motivating and encouraging - exactly what you need to get through this test.

I just took our 3rd practice exam last night (after a 9 hour work day, oh the horror!) and surprisingly I increased another 5 points. Since the first practice exam and almost 1.5 months ago, I have increased my score by 12 points already! I just need another 5 points and I feel like these next 2 weeks focusing on timing, review and just hashing out more practice I can get there. A prep course was exactly what I needed to push myself into studying. If anyone is going to take a prep course I highly recommend Blueprint.

Hopefully this post helps someone out there debating between LSAT prep courses. I'll be updating again on the costs of applying to law school in my next post!

Disclaimer: These are my own TRUE opinions and experiences. I was definitely not paid to write this review. I enjoy and appreciate the class THAT MUCH!


Rafiki said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Awesomeness! I'm happy to read you are enjoying your course and what's even better is that you are improving with every update.

I don't mind the blog straying from finance for a bit. I am enjoying these updates and I am learning something in the process.

Keep up the good work. You are doing great.

shoppingtosaving said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Thank you Rafiki! I was planning on making this blog more personal and in a way, trying to further education is the more personal side of finance.

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