I Gave Up a Kitchen for Money.

I Gave Up a Kitchen...and a Bathroom

I mentioned in my last post that we do not have a kitchen. I know what you're thinking. Where on earth do I live? Another planet?!

Well you've seen my budget, we do not pay rent because we live with BF's parents and they never take my money when I offer! Even when I leave it on the counter, it will sit there for days.

We live in a little (okay TINY, like 300 sq feet) guest room outside in their large backyard. I mentioned before that we were thinking of building a place there, even just a 600 square foot place would be 2 times larger than where we live now. It's not like we live in there all the time but we don't have a kitchen, which is why we eat out a lot. BF's parents DO have a kitchen but his mom is like queen of the kitchen and she is very particular about where things go and her refrigerator, etc. It is almost as much of a hassle to cook, clean and organize our food in there than to just get food. There also isn't much space for us to cook and store food in her kitchen so we just stay out of it. We store our clothes inside their house and our other large items so technically we don't really "live" in just 300 sq feet but we are in there all the time. We have our computers, TV, dog, bed, etc in there and we make do just fine. We also don't have a bathroom or a shower in there so if we have to go we have to go inside..and to get inside, we have to walk up a deck and around the pool so it is quite a far walk. It's a really awkward set up and I've been living like this for over a year now.

In college I cooked a lot and I really miss that. BF and I used to go grocery shopping together every week, I would post up menus on the fridge, and either I would cook sides and he would fire up the grill, or we would both cook in the kitchen together and then clean up afterwards. I was eating a lot healthier back then and I am dreaming of the day we can have our own kitchen again.

Does anyone have easy meals to make with limited access to a kitchen?

Deprivation vs. Sacrifice

I feel like I am depriving myself of a real luxury that I used to take for granted. However the money we save on not paying rent is A LOT. If we had to pay for rent for a tiny apartment in the city we live in, we are talking about 50% of my pay each month. BF has loans to pay and I will soon be in school and may not be able to work at the same time so at that point we will be expecting a salary cut and at that time we will most likely have a mortgage. The money we save from renting gives us the freedom to eat out quite often and to spend a bit more freely than if we did rent. So I feel like although I am sacrificing right now, I am happy with the lifestyle I'm living...for now. I just keep telling myself it's not permanent.

So now the secret is out. I am able to save a lot because I sacrificed things like a kitchen and a bathroom. Yes I may have to walk far to shower, use the bathroom, microwave, etc but I get exercise and in the morning, I wake up easily since I have to walk outside right when I wake up.

How far would you go to save money? 
Do you think my living situation is too extreme?


JC ♔ said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

When I was single, I rented a room in an old couple's house for about a year. I did have to pay rent, but only paid $600 (I live in Hawaii so this is dirt cheap here) for a bedroom, but I did get my own bathroom. At least she is family? I avoided the kitchen because I felt like an intruder, but I did save $10,000 that one year so it was worth it.

Counting all my stars and saving it said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Not extreme at all, if this is what you have to do to have a much better future then current sacrifice will def pay off later in the future. I know sometimes it can be hard and you prob. get frustrated that you can't cook or have to walk far to do a simple task such as wash your hands, but when your sitting there in your own house without financial worries this just makes it all better. That's because you did what you could to make it happen.

Rafiki said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I was wondering at first but I remember you mentioning your living situation in a past post. Not in so much detail but it was enough for me to guess that you were probably just using their kitchen. Which it turns out you aren't but I can see why.

I don't think it is too extreme. Small sacrifices for the future and it's not like you choose not to pay rent. At least you are offering. So long as you are comfortableish and you are both happy then it is totally cool. Better to share 300 sq ft with someone you love than 1000 sq feet alone.

My money, my life said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I think you have a good situation going. When I first read that you lived with your bf and his parents, I thought to myself that I could never do that! But it seems that you guys essentially have your place and the convenience of the larger house being nearby, I think it's worth it. As to your question, for an arrangement like yours I would give up the kitchen too. The bathroom... that'd be a little harder for me but if it works for you then all the better!

I saw your comment on my blog. I actually don't think I have my email up on there so you didn't overlook anything. When I did my LSATs I received a letter from an instructor on how to study for the exam. I followed it to a T and increased my score from 158 to around 171. Personally, I found that the "tricks" and "shortcuts" that other books/courses teach you actually make the exams harder. That's why I think the practice method works better for me - it was a lot more intuitive to learn by doing than by memorizing shortcuts. Keep in mind that I did mine in the summer of 2006....not sure whether the exams have changed much since then. anyway, I will email you my letter (I have your email in a previous comment from you). I feel grateful for the advice I received in that letter so I pass it on when I can!

shoppingtosaving said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

My goodness, thank you all for the sweet comments. I always hesitate to share my living situation with people but with the PF community it makes sense to admit that I'm doing it to save money. My friends would never understand, and my parents/family poke endless fun at me!

My money my life - I am EXTREMELY grateful that you will send me the letter. <3 I went to my class last night and I just didn't feel productive re-learning methods, I think I will do the practice method since it will help me. And you're such a smartypants! :) 171 is amazing!!!

lifeintransitionpf said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

It doesn't seem like the worst set-up in the world, since it sounds like you still have some privacy. I wouldn't mind eating out all the time but the bathroom issue would bother me. I think living there is worth the money you all are saving.

I'll be making a housing downgrade pretty soon to save money on rent. I'm going from a beautiful 1400 sq foot historic appt that I share to a dorm room that will be free for me and my husband since he will be an Resident Assistant. We will at least have a small kitchen and bathroom though

Vanessa said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

This was totally the first post of yours that I ever read and I didn't even realize it was you! Does that make sense? Anyways, I love this! I would totally do this and I wouldn't even mind that it wasn't my kitchen because I'd be cooking like crazy for everyone and then they'd be like "My kitchen? Oh no, it's Vanessa's kitchen"

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