I have got to admit I love these posts!


I bought these BP Runway boots from Nordstrom's and I'm super stoked! They're gorgeous in real life. Just be careful since they seem to differ with each batch. The first pair I tried on were a bit crinkly, shiny and plastic looking but when I asked the SA to bring out another pair, he brought one out that was slightly darker, but with buttery soft rich leather. Eeek!!

I've been bringing salads to work for lunch everyday with almonds for snacks. YAY!
I started running again and I've been faithfully going to pilates cardio sculpt. DOUBLE YAY!

I don't know if it's me lusting after some serious fall weather that we aren't having right now but I'm all about sexy heels. I don't really have any surprisingly since we don't need to dress up for work. One day I'll have a pair of Loubs.

I've been seriously wishing that I had my own place to decorate. I keep envisioning a welcoming home with serene and clean whites and pastels with inviting living spaces.

I want tons of mirrors, mirrored items and pretty chandeliers in my house.

I'm so ready for fall weather. I absolutely adore soft knits and I would love this one with a low v-neck back from Shopbop. How amazing do knits look with contrasting textures like the leather-ish pants she's wearing? 
I've been into inspiring quotes and I post these on my tumblr regularly. It's what keeps me going.

Lastly, this weekend is my 6 year anniversary with my BF. Naturally I'm loving gorgeous dresses and I can't stop dreaming of the one Kate is wearing below. However this weekend I will not be going anywhere that requires a dress like that, but I will be dressing up (:

Lastly, I'm more relaxed with my study schedule now. Instead of 4-5 hours everyday and stressing, I'm much more alert when I study 2-3 hours a day.


Not a lot of outs so far for this month but let's roll with it so -

  • My nails are horrible. I really need to do them myself...I'm tempted to get them done because I really love myself a spa pedicure but I am trying really hard not to justify that right now. I just got my eyebrows waxed yesterday sooooo....
  • Why are Tory Burch boots so expensive. I wanted the Blaire boots SO BADLY.
  • I am tired of the summer weather...we are having a heat wave in SD and it was in the 90's yesterday. Horrible brushfire weather.
  • I am SWAMPED at work. I am definitely underpaid since I am doing about 3 different jobs. I'm sure everyone is the same especially in this economy but it drives me nuts!


Counting all my stars and saving it said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Love the boots! I have been waiting for Fall weather since the first day of Summer. Fall and Winter would be my favorite weather only because I get to wear boots and boots are my go to foot wear. Besides my snowboarding boots of course only in Winter and on the mountains.

I'm more towards Los Angeles are, for about a week we had a tease in the colder climate only to rise to today's at 80 degrees and musty as well.

dancethroughtherain said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I'm so jealous of the gorgeous fall weather you will have! Where I live it's going to get really cold really quick. Congrats on the 6 year anniversary and I adore the pictures of the living space + the loubs <3

Found this post really positive and inspiring, so thank you!


Rafiki said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

1. Happy Anniversary! Six years is a lot and a long time to still be happy with someone. I can only begin to imagine it but I guess it comes easy as I'm just shy of 3 years now and it seemed so fast.

2. I'm putting the new boots on your out list until the end of the month in case you decide to return them lol.

3. Happy to see you have returned to doing stuff like running and exercising. Things you enjoy. Also I am happy to see you have a better study schedule that makes you less stressed and gives you more time. Kudos.

shoppingtosaving said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Thanks everyone (:

Hawaii Planner said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Love the boots! Our six year anniversary was on Saturday, so Happy Anniversary to you as well. :-)

And, just a note that I have a pair of Louboutins & rarely wear them. They are painful. I bought them when I was shopping in Las Vegas after a long night of drinking champagne. Apparently, champagne dulled the pain of the price & the pinch of the shoe. They are, however, beautiful. :-)

style-for-style said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I'm crazy for those boots!

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