9 Weird Ways I Save

Personal finance is just that, personal. We all scrimp, save, splurge and spend on different things. We're not robots. I don't make a lot of money but the way I live really helps me save and spend the way I do. I remember being totally inspired when I read I Will Teach You to be Rich and Ramit went against all the other finance gurus and said do not cut what you love, such as going to Starbucks. Instead think of big ways to save such as looking at what you spend A LOT on and cut from there. That way, you won't get that "pinny pinching" feeling like you are depriving yourself of life. This really hit me hard and that's how I look at saving.



I don't pay rent. If you're a somewhat regular reader of my blog, you'll know that I don't pay rent. I live with my boyfriend and his parents in their backyard. In a little guest room. With no bathroom and kitchen. Read all about it here if you are interested. This is obviously the biggest part of the reason why I can save so much. This means I can keep 100% of my income.

I don't go full blown grocery shopping. and when I do I go to Food for Less. If you read about my living situation, the only groceries I buy are usually salad or sandwich ingredients, yogurt, and small snacks for work.

I drive a Toyota Corolla. My parents bought me a corolla for my 16th birthday. I am so grateful my dad didn't succumb to my insistent begging for that 2-door RSX. The gas mileage is unbelievable. A full tank of gas is at most $40 and I can drive 7.5 hours with just 1 tank. I love my car so much! It is super spacious and easy to maintain too.

I shop at cheaper stores for clothes. My mom always shopped at cheap stores and I follow in her footsteps. Ross, Marshall's, Target, Forever 21, H&M. Sale sections. I'm not picky and for some reason I can't spend a lot on one clothing item. Maybe in the future I can shop at J. Crew and Nordstrom's hahaha.

I don't need to dress up for work. This goes along with my last point. I don't need to buy suits or work pumps or anything business casual for that matter. This also means I can come to work in yoga pants so no dry cleaning or alterations for me!

My BF fixes our cars. I am so blessed to have found a guy that can fix anything and everything. He changes my oil, my windshield wipers, tires, any belts, coolant, battery, etc. The great part is that he teaches me how to take care of all this stuff so I know how to change my flat tires, patch tires, change oil, and change the battery.

I like drugstore make-up. Besides foundation, blush and skincare products (I have sensitive acne-prone skin), I buy my make-up from the drugstore. I like neutral eyeshadows so I don't need many, and I love Rimmel, Maybelline, Revlon, and Loreal for my eyeshadows, lipsticks, lipglosses, eyeliner and mascara.

I eat cheap food. This is hard to admit but I eat a lot of fast food. I know it's unhealthy and I know I should stop but it's so cheap! I also eat a lot of vietnamese food because it's so light and cheap as well. My favorites are spring rolls and their vermicelli with lettuce, cucumbers and carrots.

I watch movies on DVD. I barely go to the movies and I actually find it really uncomfortable. Every time I go I have an awful experience like someone repeating every other line in the movie, someone coughing every second, or people just being plain rude. I would rather watch a movie in the comfort of my own bed with my dog! Also the BF and I like to rewind certain parts to get a better understanding of it so we prefer DVDs.

That's all I can think of for now! 

What are ways you save?


thelonelywifeproject said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I make my own coffee at home! Definitely think I save thousands by not going to Starbucks.

My money, my life said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I walk mostly everywhere possible. I bring most of my lunches, and when I do eat out, it's usually cheaper stuff. I don't own a car, and only rent one when necessary. I rely on my company phone for most calls and have no data plan nor expensive package for my personal phone.

Well Heeled Blog said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I drive a Honda Accord. 1996! Yay for older cars. :)

Rafiki said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Funny I can't pinpoint anything right now but looking at your list they are quite a few ways that I save money without even thinking about it.

For starters I can basically say I don't buy clothes. It's the same weather all year round so my wardrobe hasn't changed much for years.

I too also don't need to dress up for work at the moment but I'm not sure for how long.

I also eat cheap and unhealthy. My diet consists of lots of bread, cheese and anything that can fit in between the two.

Newlyweds on a Budget said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love this! And we saved money a lot this year by moving into a shack --similar to your living situation but we do have a kitchen and a bathroom : )

It was worth it, but honestly, we are getting at our wit's end, and I think it's time to start looking to move.

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