Days of Thanks

I loved reading Serendipity's series on Days of Thanks so I thought I'd give it a shot. Of course it's a given that I am thankful for my family, BF, friends, dog, job, health and life but here are some other things I am VERY thankful for!


1. My Macbook - I can't live without this thing. It's how I watch tv shows, study, write, and allows me to surf the web. I love you macbook.
2. Hazelnut creamer - Ever since my dad forced me to make him coffee each morning and I took a whiff of this stuff I've been addicted. I wouldn't love coffee without hazelnut creamer and for that I am very thankful.
3. Sprinkles cupcakes - You are the only red velvet cupcake I will eat. I compare everything red velvet to you.
4. PS3 - Thank you for keeping my BF entertained while I study. Also for providing me with an outlet for yelling and screaming and giving myself finger cramps.
5. Unlimited data - Sprint rocks. When all the other carriers capped off data as I was finally getting a smartphone, Sprint still had and still offers unlimited data. Looking for the cheapest gas station? Found it! Looking for the closest Target? Found one!
6. Jeggings - My regular jeans hate you. But I love you so. When I feel tired and lazy I throw on some jeggings and boots and bam, instant put-together look.
7. Fage greek yogurt - How can you be healthy but taste so rich and creamy? I love eating you for breakfast or a midnight snack and love how I don't feel guilty afterwards.
8. Honey - So sweet, gooey and adds an instant kick to anything. It makes a huge sticky mess but nonetheless it's worth it.
9. Traffic lights - Thanks for stopping those crazy drivers who think they're drag racing in the middle of the day and giving us all a fair chance to share the road.
10. Credit unions - So thankful for having a credit union in those dire times of need when I need to pull cash out of a random ATM. No ATM fees yay!
11. Mint.com - Need I say more? Budgets, trends in my spending, and reminding me that I spend way too much at Starbucks. Thanks for the reality check and keeping me in the green.
12. Libraries - How are libraries still free? Endless amounts of books, study rooms, and free types of classes on weekends.
13. Fireplaces - There's nothing better than sitting by a fireplace watching movies or drinking wine coolers while laughing with family or friends.
14. Calendars - Where on earth would I be without calendars? My friend and I used to laugh about how we write things in our calendars AFTER they happen.
15. Price matching policies - Best thing ever!
16. Persimmons - I can eat 10 of these in a day. They take forever to peel but I love them. Favorite fruit and thankful they are in season in time for the holidays.
17. Coupons - Goes with #15. Manufacturers' coupons, RetailMeNot
18. Giveaways - It's so cool that there are giveaways all over YouTube and the blogosphere. Connects everyone and gives people a chance to win something!
19. Drive-Thrus - Thanks for preventing me from starvation many many many times!
20. Being part of the blogworld. How could I not end with this? I love how we can all share our thoughts and be part of one large community.


Rafiki said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Awesome list you have there. Happy Thanksgiving.

Serendipity said...Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Thanks for the shoutout! Totally loving your blog. And it's funny all the little things we take for granted or don't think about. Like for me, Starbucks. I'm so thankful for coffee I could cry about it.

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