Life Update

This post is going to be a sort of update jumbled post. First off, happy Friday but why does it feel like Thursday to me? Probably because I have so much to do and I'll be off next week! :) I'm going camping with my entire family by the beach so that will be fun!

Eyes: First off, I went to see my optometrist. My insurance covers a glasses check-up with a $20 co-pay but since I wear contacts too I had to pay extra for that. My vision got worse, I'm now a -3.25 from a -2.75 which is not too bad but that meant I needed new glasses AND contacts. Even after my $120 insurance credit I had to pay $420 out of pocket but I got some cute Banana Republic frames and a year supply of contacts. This really makes me believe Lasik will be a good investment in the future. Maybe next time I need to renew my contact lens prescription I'll try a site like 1-800 Contacts and have them ordered online.

Life: I still have to buy a birthday gift for my friend and my stepsister. Of course their birthdays were in the beginning of July and I am totally lagging on sending them out. I don't have any time to get to the mall lately so I'm hoping tonight I will drag myself there, and maybe the BF too. Tomorrow we're going jetskiing with our friends and I'm excited! We haven't been in over a year so I can't wait to go. I'm being eaten alive by mosquito or flea bites. I can't tell, but I have about 8 bites now and they are driving me crazy!

Shopping: I haven't been buying anything but I am really wanting a lot of stuff lately. I've been eyeing LV bags, Michael Kors bags, different types of shoes, and the list goes on. I almost bought these Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses last night after seeing them for $200 cheaper than what my optometrist was selling them for but I still have to think about it. I don't have fancy sunglasses right now and I guess you can say they will protect my eyes so it would be a better investment than say a new bag right?

LSAT: LSAT class starts this Sunday which I'm not looking forward to but I have to suck it up for the next 2 months. I'll be having class for 4 hour blocks every Tuesday and Thursday and every other Saturday and Sunday. Yes I know this means I'm saying goodbye to life and summer but it will be all worth it, I think. I still need to sign up and pay for the LSAT. For some reason after I spent over $700 on my LSAT class I didn't want to shell out another $139 for the test. UGH.

Exercise: The one thing that has been consistent in my life has been working out. It balances out all the stress in my life. I look forward to it each day and can't tell you how good I feel afterwards. I took a Les Mills BodyAttack class on Monday and yesterday I went to the new pilates studio I mentioned where I got to use the reformer. I was soooo sore right after class, I'm afraid I will be buying classes after my Groupon ends. It seriously is the perfect supplement to cardio classes. I can run for a long time and not get tired but after 10 mins of pilates I was aching. I haven't taken pilates for a year so I really wanted to get back into it. I think it's worth the investment. I'll do the calculations in a separate post. Also I walk my dog on days where I can't make it to the gym and that just clears up my mind and keeps my dog healthy too.

So that's it for a little update for me...sorry this post was all over the place but I wanted to just give you guys a little LIFE UPDATE! Hope everyone's summer is going well and please feel free to share how your summer is going :)


Weekly Spending/Fitness Recap 7/11-7/17/2011

This week I went kinda crazy buying breakfast and there are no NO SPEND DAYS. Bad bad bad me. These little things add up, I need motivation to stop the madness although I will say buying all those little things (mostly food haha) kept me sane throughout the past week.

What I am truly excited for is my groupon for Club Pilates. I get 6 classes to use within a year which came out to $7/class. Regular price is $15/class and I have been wanting to try out this studio for the past year now so I jumped on the opportunity when it popped up in my email yesterday. Pilates is an amazing workout, I used to do it 3x a week and it did wonders for me. I've always liked running and other forms of cardio but pilates supplements those workouts perfectly and works out muscles you didn't even know you had! I got so lean and my posture improved, I'm hoping I don't get addicted after my groupon is finished.


$3.90 Bagel/Coffee
$16.99 Pretty Little Liars DVD set (gift for my friend)
ran 2 miles

what I spent today will be discussed in a future post..
ran 2 miles

$3.90 Bagel/Coffee (I know, bad me.. was having a stressful week)
walked my dog

$6 breakfast (and again, no bueno)
$2.25 vending machine salad for lunch
ran 2 miles

$13 dinner
$5.50 dollar store candy
$3.25 blockbuster express - Rango, funny movie.
turbo kick - 1 hour

$3.25 blockbuster express - Insidious, good movie!!
stationary bike 20 mins
CX 30 - 30 min core training class
zumba - 1 hour
swimming laps - 45 mins

$17 lunch for 2
$46 GROUPON to Club Pilates!! Soooo excited
$9.03 Rite Aid



Being Judged by Appearance (and the clothes, shoes and bag you're wearing)

Happy Friday folks! I think today is an appropriate day to talk shopping...after all, that is my #1 passion. It's not just the activity of shopping or spending money that makes it appealing, I just love beautiful things, it doesn't matter if it's cheap or expensive, I appreciate true quality and anything pretty.

When The Purse Forum was down for 2 days this week, I started reading their blog, and came across this article titled "Are You Treated Differently When Carrying Your Best Bags?".

It touched upon the writer's experience as she decided to do a casual experiment by walking into a high-end department store - first, with a non-designer/less obvious bag and secondly, with her Celine bag (which is a high end and hard to find designer bag). Both times she was wearing flip-flops and "cheaper" clothing, although she noted that the 2nd time she went in she was wearing a $45 dress. I think wearing a dress to the mall with a high end bag qualifies as being dressed up and ready to shop. The first time she went in she was wearing super casual clothes; if it was me, I would have worn the same outfit with the expensive bag the 2nd time. Not surprisingly, she wasn't given a greeting the first time she walked in. The next week, she was showered with attention and sales associates racing to try to help her. 

I have had this happen to me multiple times, especially when I am wearing gym clothes and carrying my black Balenciaga. I seem to go unnoticed and brushed off as if I am not worth it as a customer although Balenciagas are definitely more expensive than other brands. On the other hand, when I carry even a Louis Vuitton speedy or my Chanel or Louis Vuitton galliera, I get sales associates approaching me with a "how can I help you" and "do you need any help?". The funny thing is that I like to shop on my own and without sales' associates' assistance so I actually prefer to wear non-flashy bags to the mall.

I was reading the comments on the article (I somehow find comments to articles most entertaining) and I could not BELIEVE what happened to one woman. She walked into a high-end dept store and was quickly brushed off by a sales associate. Another sales associate walked up to that particular sales associate that brushed her off and told her "That girl is carrying a Balenciaga and those are really expensive, you better go up to her quick!". I can't even describe how rude that is and what I would say if that happened to me! But anyway, that is why I love my Balenciaga haha!

What are your thoughts and experiences with shopping and bags?


I Got the Moves Like Jagger - In and Out

I've decided to start posting these In and Out posts. This is basically random things I am into and things I am not into. It may or may not include personal finance stuff!

- I cannot stop listening to Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 f/ Christina Aguilera and Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes f/ Adam Levine. Obviously I have a mild obsession with Adam Levine 

Essie Tart Deco

- Pretty Little Liars marathons - I'm on Season 1 Episode 14 and I love all the girls. Aria and Ezra's relationship is surprisingly addictive.

- New Les Mills classes being offered at the gym, yay!

- I'm lagging on scheduling obligatory obgyn and optometrist appts.

- I still can't track my cash spending properly. It feels like free money to me!

Funnily enough I don't have that many "outs" at the moment. I'm sure there will be more next in and out post! What are your ins and outs at the moment?


Weekly Money Check-Up

weekly money check-up
1. The most I’ve spent this last week was on... jeans from CottonOn. I walked into this store randomly during July 4th sales and bought a pair of jeans that fit perfectly on my 5'3" frame. They were only $24 each so I went back and picked up another pair! I have never been this satisfied with jeans!
2. Today I am thankful for the people I have in my life. I thank God that I have a great family and loving friends, a wonderful BF and his parents who graciously let us stay in their house. I have a lot of love and support in my life, and for that I am extremely grateful.
3. Money can’t buy happiness. One free thing I did last week that made me happy was go swimming! I haven't gone in months and it felt so nice to get a good workout while listening to music and getting a tan. Although I did get a weird tan from the rings on my bikini, it was worth it!
4. I will consider this week a success if I clean out the inside of my car. I washed the outside 2 weeks ago and have been meaning to do an inside clean-up! My poor corolla. Also I need to buy some little gifts for my stepsis and friend for their bdays.
5. The strangest thing I have ever eaten is cow blood and cow tongue. Don't ask. After I found out what it was, I stopped eating it. The funny part was that I had no idea I was eating this stuff as a kid and I thought they were pretty tasty!
Feel free to post this on your blog with your weekly money check-up. This post originated from My Pretty Pennies.
Instead of posting a weekly spending recap I decided to post the weekly money check-up this week. I had an amazing weekend and what's funny to me is what I consider fun may not be everyone else's idea of fun. I had a great Turbo Kick class on Friday followed by date night with the BF. On Saturday we ate at a new burger joint, I got a haircut, and we proceeded to play Call of Duty all night. On Sunday I went to pilates class and went swimming all day. It was a lazy weekend and those are my favorite!


Weekly Spending/Fitness Recap 6/20-6/26/11 & 6/27-7/3/11 (2 weeks)

With all the eventful happenings going on, I skipped my recaps last week. Now you get a 2fer this Tuesday! Eating out once again has messed up my budget but that's okay, I'll keep working on it. I made salad for the entire week. 

I hope everyone had a fab holiday weekend. We had a really fun BBQ with BF's new homemade smoker. We smoked salmon, beef ribs, pork ribs and chicken. It was a feast to say the least.



$11 lunch (soup)

$5 lunch

$5 dinner 
$20 gas 

$5 Starbucks

$8 salad
24set class - 1 hour
zumba - 1 hour




$5 lunch

$7 burrito

$14.99 my first jewelmint purchase
Ran 2 miles outside

$3.75 starbucks
$5.75 dinner

$3.91 bagel
$17.65 date night dinner
Turbo Kick - 1 hour

$11.89 USPS
$21.31 lunch for 2
$23.23 food for BBQ
$16.19 food for BBQ
Zumba - 1 hour

$7.29 food for BBQ

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