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I'd like to direct you all to Daisy's blog at When Life Gives You Lemons to view our joint post: Men are from Mars - Vanessa, Daisy, Michelle and I talk about our boyfriends and their financial habits. It's so funny how men have different ways to spend and save, but hey...all of them are able to put up with GFs like us, so it seems as though it can work. Big spender, big saver - it just takes a bit of communication and working together to make it work for the both of you.

Since 2 paragraphs weren't enough to cover my BF's financial style, I thought I would expand more on him in this post since he is a huge inspiration to me. Hopefully he is ok with it...I haven't asked him yet but I think he will be :)

via (this is not my BF btw haha)
I am very lucky to have my BF. He's extremely supportive and always willing to talk about finances with me. While we don't combine our finances yet (it's just easier that way), we talk about it a lot. We are both aware that our spending styles are different but only because I have more freedom to spend money because I do not have any school debt. That will change sooner or later though. Right now we don't split anything - we just switch off with paying when we go out to eat or do stuff together. For large purchases, we usually split the cost or again, we switch off. I honestly like it this way since we are not the types of people to say "hey you owe me $10 for dinner last night". Our philosophy is "what's mine is yours and what's yours is mine". It seems to work because here we are after 6 years, and we still use that same method.

In the beginning of our relationship he was carefree with spending. That was before the stress of school loans took over his life. We now are on the same page with saving money and we will always choose to save money when we shop or eat out. However, because I have more freedom to spend, I'm a bit looser with my budget. He does not have a budget because he just wants to save almost every last bit of his income, which is fine with me. Some arguments have come up because of this but ultimately we always talk it out and think rationally. Also, we have different investing styles but at least we both invest!

It's funny when I see or hear about women hiding purchases from their significant others. I never have to hide anything from BF because he knows that I spend my money wisely and that I save a lot of my money. We talked the other day about me taking full control of our finances. Although we will still be keeping them separate, I'll be organizing everything together so I will see how much we have left and how much we can save for a future education fund - think it's the 529 fund. Also, once I get the whole financial snapshot of where we stand, I'll get to plan vacations! I'm most excited for this part since we have never been on a real vacation. We usually just visit family and friends when we have free time from work. Excited to research more about the 529 fund.. and will probably post up my thoughts on that later.

In a future post I'd like to talk about how my parents got divorced...and the reason behind it? Different spending/saving habits.

What's your significant other's financial style?


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