Fave Reads of the Week

Happy Saturday!
I'm out of town this weekend, but I wanted to share some of my favorite reads this week. Seriously, what was up with this week? The PF blogging world has been on a roll this week. There were so many good posts, I wanted to link sooooo many.

Fave Reads of the Week

10 Personal Finance Tips for Young Adults by Young Cheap Living

Worst Money Advice Ever by Step Away From the Mall

Do You Worry About Meeting Basic Needs? by So Over Debt

Is a Business Degree a Waste? by Making Sense of Cents

Is Routine the Key to Success? by Blonde on a Budget

Why My Mom Owes $30,000 in Taxes by Young Professional Finances

3 Different Views on Money and Relationships by Bog of Debt

Personal Finance and Geography by TeacHer Finance

Why Can't I Wear a Pinball Machine? by Digging Out and Up

Tips for Interns by Add Vodka

The Simple Gal's Guide to Coupons by Live Simply Live Well

Decorating on the Cheap by Elle and Ish

Everything Else You Need to Know About Living on Your Own by Mo Money Mo Houses

7 Simple Ways to Remove the Barriers to Cooking by Fabulously Broke

Lastly, check out Newlyweds on a Budget's new home!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend :) I'll catch ya guys on the flip side on Monday.


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