How I Ended Up in the Emergency Room Because of Vanity...Twice

Today I wrote a guest post over at Modest Money about Modesty Reflected in Your Clothing. I really hope you check it out and show Modest Money (and me!) some love. I enjoyed writing the post because it's about an experience that I go through too often, and I think a lot of you may relate.

In keeping up with the theme of appearance, my post today relates to some funny experiences I've had in the past due to wanting to look good.

"Why do you always end up in the emergency room for vanity?" 
- My Mom


I have had my fair share of disasters because of what I have done for vanity. There are your typical burns from the straightening iron and blisters from wearing heels for too long, but I have ended up in the emergency room not once, but twice, due to reasons that were embarrassingly for vanity. Luckily and probably unfortunately, during those times I was still in college and under my mom's insurance. I didn't have to pay for anything since I was a broke college student, but I do feel really bad now that I reflect upon the amount of money she spent on me. She didn't even get mad at me, but she would laugh and ask me why is it that you always end up in the emergency room for vanity?

The First Visit

I used to like getting French manicures with gel nails when I was in high school and when I was a freshman in college. I had no idea how quickly those $30 manicures could add up and how quickly they ruined your nails! I didn't even hate my nails to begin with but I think I began getting these because all of my friends used to get them. I'm the clumsiest person in the world so when I was running around the house one time and lifting a dresser, my fake nail got snagged on the wood and PULLED OUT my real nail from the cuticle bed, resulting in my real nail cutting into my finger. Half of my nail was still attached but half of it came off and was digging into my skin. I had to go to the emergency room and the doctor had to keep numbing my finger until he pulled my whole fingernail out of my skin. 

Lesson Learned - I never got fake nails again.

The Second Visit

During my junior year of college, my friends and I decided we would go to LA for a huge Halloween party. It was fun and I had one of the best times of my life, but I decided to wear heels because I wanted to look cute. Silly me, I didn't think about all of the walking we would be doing because we had to park far from the convention center and we were walking around the whole building the entire night. Also, dancing in heels is not fun, especially when the heels pinch your toes. I should have just taken off my heels halfway through the night when they started hurting at midnight, but no, I kept them on until 4am. I ended up in the emergency room because my toes were so swollen and there was something wrong with my nails (AGAIN!). Well when I got there, they took my toenails off of my big toes because they were in the way and were about to come off. Have you ever seen your nails grow from an empty nail bed? It grows curved and it sucks.

Lesson Learned - I only buy comfortable heels and I always have extra flats with me.

Overall Lesson Learned

I'm scared to ask my mom again for the total amount she spent, but I know it wasn't pretty (no pun intended.) I do know that I used up the money for the entire family in her insurance plan for 2 years in a row, because in addition to these ER visits, I ended up in urgent care and going to the doctor because I got sick a lot (I never got enough sleep or rest and I never wore jackets.) I do know that it costed her over $1,000. I feel grateful that she paid for these visits but they were so unnecessary and I could have avoided them. 

Now that I'm older I stick to what I know works for me and I wear light make-up. Occasionally I'll still injure myself due to vanity...like that one time I got eyelash glue in my eye and the next morning I woke up with a stye, but ultimately I know how expensive it could get to keep wanting to maintain your appearance. It's not just the make-up, clothes, and shoes that you are paying for, but bad things could come out of it. I'm still a girly girl at heart, but now a more thoughtful one haha.

Have you ever spent unnecessary money at the doctor or emergency room? Funny stories are welcome.


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