Interview with Cassey Ho of Blogilates

Happy hump day everyone! Today I have a special interview for you guys that really means a lot to me. As you all know I'm in love with fitness and pilates, and fitness fashion. Cassey Ho from Blogilates has graciously allowed me to interview her so I could share it with the PF community. I am so happy she took the time out of her busy life to answer these questions because she is such a big inspiration to me. She is a great role model and business woman, and she is living my dream job. I hope you enjoy this, and definitely check out her POP pilates videos, her bags and her blog. You'll thank me later! Thank you so much Cassey! <3

She has an amazing body! That's inspiration right there :)

Please tell the personal finance community a bit about yourself!
Hi! I'm Cassey and I guess the best way to describe me is that I am a young entrepreneur. I am a YouTube fitness guru (creator of POP Pilates), healthy living blogger, and yoga/gym bag designer. I basically workout for a living - haha - and talk about it and design for it!

I love your oGorgeous bags and POP Pilates! How did you get started?
oGorgeous started when I was in college and couldn't find a yoga bag that could fit my mat, bottle, shoes, towel etc. while looking stylish. So I made one! Then I got requests for orders, so I made more. oGorgeous was born! POP Pilates was not supposed to happen - it was me leaving a farewell workout vid for my real life students when I was about to move away. Surprisingly, people did the workout, liked it and asked me to do more.
Did you have a good grasp of your finances before starting your venture?
Yes. I had mini businesses throughout high school and college, so I had saved up.

What is the hardest part about managing your own business?
Not having enough time. I stay up super late, even today, just to make sure everything gets done and gets done properly. 

Do you budget for your personal life and business, and does this get tricky?
Def tricky. My personal life meshes with my business life nowadays and it's seamless. But! That means I never get a break from my business. Which is fine because I love what I do...but when business is bad or something goes wrong, it affects me on an emotional level.

Most of us PF bloggers are busy in our lives, can you share how you balance work and play with a healthy lifestyle?
Well my work is pretty much my play too! I get to be on facebook, twitter, YouTube, and in front of the cam or in front of students all the time and I love it. I also kind of HAVE TO eat healthily because that's what Blogilates is all about - so my fans keep me accountable! But you know what? I don't think I am good at the balance game. Because I do not sleep. Like like literally. It's past 4am and I am doing this interview.

Here is another one of my favorite printables from her site. As you can tell, I'm kinda obsessed.

Thanks again Cassey! 

It's nice to know a successful entrepreneur still stays up late and needs to stay accountable for eating healthy. It reminds me of how the PF community blogs to stay accountable for our spending and our saving. I learn so much from Cassey, whether it's learning how to do new pilates moves or getting motivated, she is a breath of fresh air. 


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