Where Did My Paycheck Go?

I loved Bridget's (at Money After Graduation) post about the allocation of her paycheck. I was so inspired to check mine out and after I did, I thought I'd share it with you.

Disposable Income 60% - Looks like Bridget and I see the same amount of disposable income. This must be a good thing! I honestly think I can do with less, so maybe I will put more towards my roth.

Taxes 19% - I hate that so much of my paycheck goes towards taxes.

Roth IRA 8% - I'm very happy with the amount I contribute to my roth, however I could contribute a bit more since allocating 8% still does not max it out to $5,000 a year.

401k 5% - I contribute 5% and my company contributes 3%. Not bad, but I wish we had exact company matching, but nonetheless I still like contributing 5% to my 401k while I still can afford to.

Stocks 3% - Our company allows us to purchase stocks at a hefty discount so I started buying company stock at the minimum amount. I think 3% is a good amount for now, and I don't feel ready to increase that yet.

Insurance 5% - My company offers a lot of incentives to decrease the amount you pay for insurance and I have taken advantage of all of the programs. It's mostly just taking health questionnaires, pledging to not smoke tobacco (which I don't anyway), taking a personal health assessment, and also having your finger pricked so they can calculate your BMI and all that junk. I don't look forward to it each year, but if it saves me over $60/month, I will always choose to get my finger pricked.

I'll post an updated one once I switch things up, but for now I feel pretty comfortable with where I am at. When I get my next raise in July (hopefully!), I will increase my contributions to my roth so that I will only see less than 60% of my paycheck as disposable income.

Do you know your exact paycheck allocation?


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