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Happy Wednesday! We're inching slowly towards Friday and the week is suddenly getting a little brighter. Before I get into today's wonderful post, I did a really fun interview with lovely Sicorra (such a cool name) from Tacking Our Debt for her Let's Talk Money series and it's up today!!! Go, go, go! :)


I have met some pretty amazing people just by blogging - friends, people who are so gracious with advice, people who are great listeners, and in general; some very, very talented people.

I recently purchased a whimsical wallet hand sewn by Carla of Half Dozen Daily and she made it specifically for me (as she does with all of her creations). Since I told her I wanted to carry it around with me at the gym, she made it a tiny bit larger for me! She also sent me pics of the fabrics she had so that I could choose the ones I wanted. I was being very picky so I gave her my color scheme and she surprised me with this:

The whimsical wallet Carla made me! It makes me so happy :)

I absolutely LOVE it! It's SO ME! She practically read my mind. I just die whenever I look at this wallet and also it's so comfy to carry and fits my huge phone, keys, ear phones, chapstick, and some of my treadmill workouts on paper.

I asked Carla if I could interview her and she happily agreed, so I hope you check out her blog and enjoy this little interview with her :)

How did you get started with sewing?
I actually started sewing on handmade cards & scrapbook layouts.. lol! But I eventually wandered away from scrapbooking so much and tried out sewing on fabric (gasp!!) after I was given a bag of fabric from my grandma! :) I'm a completely self-taught sewer!

Do you have any suggestions for us interested in sewing but do not know where to start?
Just jump in!! Google is your best friend!! Start with "simple sewing projects" and go from there... You can find so many free techniques, projects, tutorials online that you'll be sewing up a storm in no time! Also, don't give up if you don't catch on right away... Nothing worth doing ever comes easy! You WILL make mistakes, but without mistakes you never learn! 

How much time do you spend on your side business and how do you balance everything?
Hmmm... Since I have 4 kids at home all the time, (I homeschool as well) [What?! What a superwoman!!] I honestly don't know how much time I spend sewing. Most of the time I'll sew after my youngest girls are in bed. Sometimes I sneak in a bit of sewing time when they're playing in the afternoon though before dinner prep. It really all depends on what I have on the go... As of today I have a few orders "in the works" (but I'm waiting on fabric for the one order) so just one current paid order I'm working on, and the rest are personal projects. :) I may sew 2-3 hours one night, and not all the next day if I'm busy or focused on something else. It's definitely all about balance & keeping life in perspective! 

How much side income does your side business bring in and will you ever think of opening up an Etsy store?
It all depends on how many orders I receive during any given month... I also make custom scrapbook albums, photography & my sewing. So combined, I'd say that I usually make a couple hundred dollars extra most months at least. I use the extra income to pay for my daughters private guitar lessons first, then the rest pays for my fabric addiction & ends up going towards our household budget or paying for "extras". Last months extra income bought my husband a new wedding band & tickets to see Alan Jackson live in concert! :) The extra money I make is a wonderful blessing and allows us "extras" that we'd not normally be able to enjoy with our current budget. 

As for keeping a stocked Etsy shop, I don't think so. I do have an Etsy shop where I used to sell my scrapbook items, but I find that I prefer taking custom orders only. It's a better use of my time & supplies. For example, let's say that someone orders a "Whimsical Wallet", loves the one in my Etsy shop but wants a navy & green fabric combo instead of aqua & blur combo. I can send photos of the fabric I have on hand & tailor their order exactly to what they like instead of them settling for something that's already created. It saves me time from sewing something that may not sell & just sits collecting dust. ;) It's a win/win option in my opinion!



After gushing to Carla about how much I loved my new little whimsical wallet, she told me she would be willing to offer one of my readers a custom-made patchwork whimsical wallet! She usually sells these for about $25 (depending on custom requests) but they are so worth it and made with love. She also whipped this one up within a week! I was totally surprised. I love love love it, so I know that one of you would love to win one!

One of Carla's patchwork wallets

Carla is offering one of my readers a patchwork wallet, and you get to choose your own color scheme. Just leave a comment below, and tell me which ones of Carla's previous custom orders is your favorite. This is not required, but feel free to subscribe via email or RSS if you like her blog (which I'm sure you will love!) This giveaway will last until May 9th and I will select and announce a winner on May 10th.

Thank you so much Carla for the interview and the giveaway! <3


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