20 Random Things You May Not Know About Me

Happy Friday! I originally had a very thought-provoking post today but I will save that for next week. It's Friday, my favorite day of the week, and I thought it would be fun to just write some random facts about me that aren't related to personal finance.  Sometimes it's nice to take a step back and learn more about the person behind the blog.  I think it should be a good time. Michelle did a post like this recently too - check it out here and eemusings did something like this too.

20 Random Things...

1. I get scared whenever I hear airplanes in the sky. 
We live right under the flight path, and I always think a plane is going to crash and kill me whenever I hear loud jets, helicopters, or planes. My heart starts pounding and I have to close my eyes and cover my ears!

2. I'm addicted to greek yogurt. 
My favorite brand is Fage. I eat it every morning with fruit, honey, sometimes granola, and now chia seeds. I add peanut butter or hazelnut butter if I'm feeling it. Oh I also use it as a dip for chips, or a substitute for sour cream.


3. I love dipping my food in stuff. 
It just doesn't feel right eating something dry like chicken or french fries. I like all dips and sauces - ketchup, ranch, greek yogurt, spinach dip, A1 sauce, Tobasco, sriracha, etc.

4. I watch a lot of TV. 
My favorites lately have been Sons of Anarchy, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, New Girl, Pretty Little Liars, and a bunch of reality TV garbage like Jersey Shore (I know what you're thinking, stop judging me!) and Teen Mom.


5. I'm the clumsiest person in the world. 
I'm that person that everyone laughs at because I trip over everything, skip those last steps, fall down the stairs, drop whatever it is I am holding, and I end up with bruises, cuts, and more recently, a broken toe.

6. I've been told I'm too mature for my age. 
Some people tell me I should have been born in the 50s. Apparently I'm in the wrong decade.

7. I love being on stage and performing.
I was a ballerina for the better part of my childhood years as well as a super awesome tap dancer. In high school, I was a cheerleader. I also played the piano, but I just thought it was so boring so I stopped practicing.

8. When I was younger, I was a tomboy. 
My stepdad and I used to go to wrestling matches (WWE anyone?) and I would make signs and have my dad hold them with me. He also took me mountain biking, rollerblading, hiking, and bought me my own baseball mitt so we could play catch. 

9. When I was a kid, I lived in my basketball jerseys.
I had a yellow Lakers jersey and a Bulls red jersey that I wore a lot. Even on special days like my birthday parties. I was obsessed with basketball and I cried after Michael Jordan retired. I also cried when I heard that Michael Jordan was going to get a sex change so he could play in the WNBA. LOL.

10. I'm a very dramatic person. 
Any story I tell will always include lots of elaborate details and hand motions. Also, lots of head nodding and different facial expressions may be included.

11. I used to have a fashion blog before this blog.
I was blogging on a fashion blog for about a year (when I was getting into debt). I used to take pictures of my outfits like the one below. I know, kind of a waste of time. Glad I made the switch.

Yay for outfit pics! Those jeans are really..baggy.

12. I have a problem with saying "like" a lot. 
It must be the California girl in me. Must work on that.

13. I love shoes and bags.
I have a slight obsession with shoes...specifically wedges and boots. All kinds! It's subsided a lot, but I remember buying shoes almost every other week. That was when I knew it was bad. I have sold a ton though. I also used to love designer purses, but I do have a soft spot for Chanel.

My first Chanel. It's vintage and I got it shipped from Japan.

14. I'm not afraid to laugh at myself. 
I'm very down to earth and can laugh off anything. I don't hold grudges and I never stay mad at anyone for more than a second (unless you're my boyfriend, then I can probably go a few hours being angry at you).

15. I have a very addictive personality. 
Sometimes I think I have ADD. Whether it's studying, working, exercising, cooking, baking... I get into full-on addictive mode and become very attached to whatever it is I'm into. I'm an all or nothing type of person. If I'm not in that addictive mode, I'm exactly the opposite and I don't care.

16. I talk to my dog all the time, even in public. 
Sometimes people look at me like I'm crazy, but they really don't know that my dog understands me, so it's all good.

Say hi to my pekingese/toy poodle Booboo!

17. My boyfriend and I fight all the time about how to train our dog...
I'm apparently a really bad trainer. BF will do lots of doggie boot camp training classes with little Booboo, and then I go and teach him very bad habits. I should also work on this.

18. I really want to be a pilates instructor or Turbo Kick instructor. 
In addition to being a lawyer, my dream job is to be a group fitness instructor. In a perfect world, I would get to own my own business as an attorney, and work a few days of the week at the gym or pilates studio teaching classes.

19. I went to an all-girls private high school.
These were 4 of my favorite years in my life. I actually enjoyed going to school because it was that fun. Imagine having classes with all of your friends. It was laid back and crazy, but we worked hard.

20. I love chocolate covered gummy bears and all types of candy. 
I'm trying to cut down on sugar and processed foods now though :(

So there you have it. 20 very random facts about me. My real self has been revealed. Hopefully knowing more about me doesn't make you stop reading my blog. I'm kind of a weird person, but there isn't anything wrong with being open right? Lol.

So 'fess up everyone, what kind of random things can you come up with about yourself?


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