Do You Like to Save? ImpulseSave Giveaway!

Happy Friday folks! Did this week fly by or what? How is it June already?!

Today I'm excited to partner up with ImpulseSave to bring you a giveaway! ImpulseSave is an invite-only website geared towards regular people like us who just want to save, and who want to make saving FUN.

My Review:

I'm just a regular gal who likes to shop, eat, and of course...spend money. I'm also into saving. I started saving aggressively with ING Direct, but adding social networking to saving actually makes it more fun. I'm not sure why I didn't think of this idea!

What's important to me in supporting, joining, and using a website is of course…the look of the website and how easy it is to navigate. I love ImpulseSave’s website and how easy it is to sign up and just start saving.

Once I signed up, I saw what a bunch of people were doing – they were sharing reasons why they saved. It doesn’t even have to be large amounts. By adding social networking into saving, it makes it so much easier to do and you actually feel MOTIVATED because you are part of a community.

I believe the key to saving is to cut out a lot of little unnecessary expenses (something I really need to focus on).

Here's a video on how it works:

In case you want more information, here is the scoop on ImpulseSave:

Their Mission
Our goal is to make saving as easy, fun and rewarding as spending; and to transform saving from a mundane "if-I-get-to-it" into a creative, collaborative, and impulsive part of your daily life!

Stats and Facts:
53% of Americans won't have enough to retire.
64% of Americans don’t have even $1,000 in their savings account.
Only 40% of Americans actually sit down with a budget and allocate savings.
50% of Americans Couldn't Come Up With $2,000 If They Had To

ImpulseSavers are saving an ADDITIONAL $4,000 a year on average
ImpulseSavers are actively saving towards 3 goals, on average
The interest rate on an ImpulseSave savings account is 0.40% APY.

Is ImpulseSave Safe?
ImpulseSave employs the same high-grade encryption used by financial institutions and government agencies.  All your financial information is encrypted in transit, and in storage. We meet or exceed all industry standards to safeguard your data. Your money is held in your new FDIC-insured savings account.

The short answer: Yes. The long answer: We are built like Fort Knox. Your financial information is so secure that even our own servers can’t read it.

ImpulseSave Features:
Specific Goals: instead of a nebulous “emergency fund” now you can save towards your vacation, a wedding or your kids education separately in one savings account!

ImpulseSave: You can impulseSave via SMS text, via Instagram, on the ImpulseSave site and soon via iPhone App

Autosave: Weekly autosaves ensure that you’re ALWAYS making progress towards your goals, even if it’s only $5 a week (less than $1 a day)

Success Driven: We send you weekly updates on your goal progress and encourage you every time you make a save!

Social: Comment on a funny save, encourage those who are making good decisions - be inspired to save yourself!

Mobile: Our iPhone app is almost complete, but we offer several other ways for you to save instantly anytime, and anywhere! For example you can save via text, instagram and on our mobile site!

What Are Current ImpulseSavers Saving For?

Jessica works hard and knows she deserves a vacation. But this year, instead of putting it on the credit card, she's going to Paris with the cold hard cash she saved in her ImpulseSave account!

Life After College!
Hilary is a senior in college saving towards well, life after college and starting out right. By impulsesaving every time she goes out with friends she’s already saved up 6 months of rent and feels confident and prepared to tackle her student loans!

Killing Credit Card Debt!
Brad LOVES the autosave feature because it ensures that no matter what this month brings, he'll pay off his balance.

Plan Our Wedding!
Christine and Torey ImpulseSave for their wedding. No matter what they’re doing - whether they're grocery shopping, or cake testing, they can make sure they're prepared for the Big Day!

What Do Current Users Say About ImpulseSave?

Below are real quotes from real users taken from Facebook Twitter and the ImpulseSave site. 

“I cannot stop saving! ImpulseSave has turned me into a save-aholic! :)”
“I have saved more with @impulsesave than any other avenue I've used. I love it!
I’ve saved $92 in 27 days with ImpulseSave! Patting myself on the back!”
“Saving with ImpusleSave is so easy! It's amazing how easily I forget the $ is in a separate account.”
Thanks to @impulsesave I've officially become a saveaholic. Definitely better than being a shopaholic!
“If you’ve always had trouble getting motivated to save money - you NEED to try @impulsesave - it’s AWESOME. #save-a-holic
“My mom wanted coffee - I wanted to ImpulseSave”

Behind The Curtain

What’s the deal with your mobile app?
We started development on our iPhone mobile app April 2nd (Android next) so when we say it’s coming soon, it’s coming soon and we can’t wait to show you!

Why do users have to autosave?
We allow you to autosave a minimum of $5 a week (that’s less than $1 a day). Why? Because if you can’t do $5 a week towards that goal - it’s never going to happen.

Why are you guys a private site?
ImpulseSave is an exclusive site and there is a good reason behind it: We want everyone to have the experience they deserve. We want you to know us, trust us and understand that not only do we care about what your goals, but also that your security is our number one priority.

Does ImpulseSave cost money?
No. ImpulseSave is FREE and always will be. We don’t believe in minimum balances, transfer fees or any other banking mumbo-jumbo. Our concern is getting you to that goal.

Now onto the giveaway!!!!

ImpulseSave is an INVITE-ONLY site so they are allowing me to invite 20 of my readers to this site for the next 24 hours. The giveaway will end at 9:00am tomorrow, PST - June 2nd, 2012.

All you have to do is click on this link or on the picture of the pig above and enter there!

NOTE: I was not paid to write this review. All opinions are mine.


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