PF Link Love: Fave Reads of the Week, The I Broke My Phone Edition

I know this is super late since it's Friday, and I already have another weekly link up in progress for this week's favorites, but better late than never!

Since I am doing this weekly faves thing a week late, I'll still post up what I've been up to this past week.

What I've been up to this week:
  • I guest posted over at I Am 1% and discussed the latest on the property hunt - When an Investment Property is No Longer an Investment Property.
  • I guest posted for Bobbie over at Bog of Debt and basically rambled on about How to Deal with Rich Friends.
  • I've been thinking about what I'm going to do with my retirement accounts once I quit my job in 2 weeks. June 22nd will be my last day so I already stopped my automatic contributions towards my roth IRA :( and thanks to advice from twitter peeps, I'm going to just leave my accounts as is and contribute once I get a new job after finishing school.
  • Secondly, this month has already been a fail in terms of spending because I dropped my phone and it completely shattered the other day. The sad part is that I pay $8/month for insurance but this so-called insurance does not cover cracks or damage that I caused myself. Sprint wanted me to pay a $100 deductible to get a refurbished EVO (did I mention they don't even make that one anymore?). 
  • I did some research and ended up going to Best Buy and buying the new HTC EVO 4G LTE for $149.99 since they were offering a $50 instant credit off of the price. I just had to renew my contract for 2 years which isn't a big deal since I like my plan.
My new baby!!! I love it so much! (via)
  • I have to buy a laptop. I'm thinking of going for a refurbished Asus through Tiger Direct. Another $600 I have to spend. Boo.
  • I had to pay for my $500 seat deposit for school. Sadness. At least I have some consolation that I got 1% rewards on it since I charged it on my credit card..which I will pay off before interest is added.
  • I sold some Lululemon stuff on ebay. Can you believe I sold a Bang Buster headband for $30 when it was originally $14? Some people are crazy. Also I sold a tank top for $60 when I bought it for $39 on sale. Sweetness.
  • I woke up on Tuesday morning and must have not been awake yet because I crashed into one of the corners in the house and basically broke my pinky toe. Luckily, I googled it and people told me not to go to the doctor since they can't do anything but tape it up...so that's what I did.
  • Are you even reading anymore? Probably not. Bonus points if you got this far - answer this question in the comments: What do you like to sleep in? Naked? Underwear? Sexy stuff?
Onto my faves from LAST week! This week's faves will be up this weekend (or maybe next week, who knows?)

What Phase of Investing Are You In? by Work Save Live

The Beast That is Student Loan Debt by Well Heeled Blog

5 Full Proof Ways to Beat Rising Gas Prices by Finance Fox

A Rebel in Blue Jeans by My Broken Coin

Additional Characteristics that Separate the Self Manager from Normal People by Joyful Self Manager

Balancing Morality with Frugality by My Alternate Life

Mistakes New Graduates Should Avoid When Applying for Jobs by Dollarversity

Are You an Overnight Success Waiting to Happen? by The Free Financial Advisor

Time to Spice it Up: An Interview With Edward Antrobus on Untemplater

What Disney is Hiding from You by Blue Collar Workman

Side Hustle Series: I'm a Yoga Instructor on Budgets Are Sexy

Do You Want a Higher Salary (great negotiation tips!) by Making Sense of Cents

Myth Breaker: Gift Cards and Cash are Bad Gifts by Add Vodka

Apostrophe Abuse Protection: It Starts with You by So Over Debt

How Technology is Preventing Us From Disconnecting by My Jam Packed Life

Why I Use Credit Cards Instead of Cash by Money Life and More

You Don't Need a Job You Need Guts by The Middle Finger Project

I'm In Debt But I Party Like a Rock Star by Travis on Enemy of Debt

Eating Healthy and Cheap in the Long Term by Yes I Am Cheap

Is Your Home Really an Asset? by Along for the Journey

Getting to Yes by Afford Anything

How to Make the Most Out of Unused Gift Cards by Careful Cents

Do Group Dynamics Influence How You Spend Your Money? by Financial Conflict Coach

Is Collecting a Money Pit or a Hobby? by Thirty Six Months

Some recognition for some blogger friends:

Wow lots of amazing things have been happening this past week... I hope I got everyone. If not, feel free to drop me a friendly reminder.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!


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