PF Link Love: Fave Reads of the Week, The I Have 2 Dads Edition

Okay, this post is really late. I don't even know what week these links are from. I am most likely combining my favorites from the past 2 weeks. I was out of town this weekend and I am also very swamped with my real job, so since Tuesdays are boring - I'm spicing things up with a link love post.

Where I've Been this Week:
  • I guest posted over at Mr. CBB's site, Canadian Budget Binder, and talked about How to Deal with a Shopping Addiction.
  • I swapped blogs with Kevin of Springcoin on Friday, and talked about My Biggest Money Mistake over at his blog.
  • I was out of town from Thursday night to Sunday night, and watched my little brother's volleyball tournament. It was fun hanging out with the family and going shopping with my mom. I didn't buy anything except $9 sunglasses at H&M.
  • My boyfriend and I slept on a sofa bed the whole weekend and hurt our backs. On the last night we finally decided to put the mattress on the floor... crazy difference it made! I did enjoy free breakfast at the Hilton though. It's always nice waking up to free (good) food.
  • I had a dentist appt yesterday and I have to get a crown. Good news, I really like this dentist. Bad news, my benefits end this Friday so I need to figure out my insurance coverage soon.
  • Got some pretty cool news at work last week, regarding my job. I'll be sure to share that in another post as it's kinda long.
  • My BF bought me my laptop for school. I got an ASUS. I'm not too excited about it since I'm so used to the simplicity and beauty (lol) of my Macbook but I do love PCs to do work on. I'm also very thankful he bought it for me! Well - he's keeping my Macbook so maybe it was an even trade-off. The laptop was $629.
  • I got my orientation schedule for school. Let's just say I'm so nervous and anxious! Orientation is 4 days long. Is that really necessary!?
  • I'm going to Ohio next week for my sister's Junior Olympics for volleyball. So stoked! Her team is amazingly good and ranked #3 in Northern California. They're only 12, yet they've beaten the 14-year-old teams.
I Have 2 Dads

It was Father's Day this past Sunday and I foolishly forgot to buy both of them gifts, and I'm late on writing a father's day post. I'm such a slacker! :( If anyone has any gift ideas for this procrastinator, I'm definitely open to them. Usually I get my dad a mug with a picture of me, my brother and sister on it. He has about 3 now, and they all show us progressively getting older. My mom really wants me to get another one so I'm leaning towards that. My real dad (I call my biological father my real dad, and my stepdad "dad" - it's just easier) asked for a Nissan... and well, I can't afford that.

I am very blessed to have my stepdad, who has been there for me since I was 5. My biological father and I recently got very close once I moved to SoCal since he lives here. I can't imagine life without either of them, as they both are huge influencers and role models in my life.

I learned so much from both of them, and I am truly grateful for all of the guidance and advice they gave me throughout my life.

Without them, I wouldn't know how to...
  • think ahead
  • plan for my future
  • predict and deal with future consequences
  • pick myself up after I fail
  • think optimistically
  • think realistically
  • analyze thoroughly
  • believe in myself
  • how to fight my battles intelligently
Most importantly they both always believe in me, and they think of my success as their success. My motivation and itch to do so well in life is mainly because both of my dads push me so hard to achieve my goals and they are always behind me. So thank you to both of them, especially my stepdad, who has been there since day 1. Without him I wouldn't have had a father figure growing up, and that means so much to me. Can you imagine becoming a stepfather for a 5-year-old? Whose name and face resembled your new wife's ex-husband? He didn't hesitate to take me in as his own daughter. I'm tearing up as I type this because he has been there for me, even when I went through my rebellious teenager phase.

Okay I'm done being dramatic! Hope you all had a great Father's day!

Favorite Reads of the Week (or past 2 weeks):

It's Not Necessary to Save for Your Kid's College Education by Add Vodka 
Overcoming Unemployment Challenges by Modest Money
Friends with Money by Budget and the Beach
What Happens to Social Media Accounts if We Die by Good Financial Cents
I Bought a Car by Savvy Financial Latina
What to Do with Your 401k When You Leave Your Job by One Smart Dollar
Best Online Banks by Work Save Live
Don't Put Your Life on Hold to Pay Off Debt by My Alternate Life
7 Ways to Live Like a Millionaire (without Going into Debt) by Man vs. Debt
35 Money Lies People Tell Regularly by Finance Fox
Business Law 101 for New Start-Ups by My Personal Finance Journey
How I Became Debt Free by Careful Cents
Sparkling Water that Pays for Itself by Below Her Means
Cait's Big News and First Vlog by Blonde on a Budget
How to Say No When a Sibling Asks for Money by Prairie Eco Thrifter
I Don't Care if She's Eyeballs Deep in Credit Card Debt, She Looks Fabulous by Money After Graduation
In Defense of Gold Diggers by My Broken Coin
7 Ways to Stop Eating Out by Money Ning
Has Travel Become a Way to Keep Up with the Jonses? by Well Heeled Blog
How to Always Get What You Want at Mind Body Green
How to Move Out on a Shoestring Budget by Evolving PF
When Being Cheap Doesn't Pay Off by Cents of a Country Girl
7 Financial Hacks to Avoid (hilarious!) by The Free Financial Advisor
5 Things to Consider Before Buying Your First Home by Master the Art of Saving
Have You Ever Accepted Something You Didn't Need? by So Over Debt
You Don't Have to Impress People by The Family Finances
Investing for Beginners by Making Sense of Cents
How to Handle Horrible Neighbors by Mo Money Mo Houses
5 Time Management Tips for the Employed Entrepreneur by You Have More than You Think
The Real Reason You Fail at Budgeting by DollarVersity
Why I Don't Invest in Individual Stocks by I Am 1%
Getting to Know My Fellow Bloggers by My Jam Packed Life
Our $7,000 Southern California Wedding: The Budget Recap by Well Heeled Blog
Are Frugal Men Sexy and How to Potentially Spot One by Canadian Budget Binder

Just to make this a not-boring post - What is your take on becoming a step-parent? Would you be open to adopting a child who isn't your own? Does anyone else have step-parents or step-children?


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