PF Link Love: Fave Reads of the Week, Saturday Edition

Happy Saturday!

Life Update:

This is my last free weekend before the summer of chaos begins. I'm spending this weekend getting my brakes and oil changed (watching the BF do it actually lol), getting my tires rotated, doing tons of laundry, cleaning up and prepping the guest room for my little sister, packing for a week in Ohio, setting up posts for when I'm gone, finishing up 3 guest posts, haircut and grooming for booboo (we do this ourselves, it's a ton of work!), and I also brought some real work home.

I've been really busy at work! Just when I thought my workload was getting lighter, I've been slammed with so many different contracts to review and bids to respond to... and on top of that my desk is a mess and I need to get everything organized. I need to figure out what to take with me when I move and what files I'll need.

This past week was a good week in terms of working out. I had lunch workouts Tuesday-Thursday and I ran for a second time on 2 of those days with my dog after work. On Friday I had my favorite turbo kickboxing class. I'm going to miss it so much when I move... the vibe and energy there just light up my spirits, resulting in a kickass workout each time.

Here's a clip I found of my favorite turbo... this is actually at the gym I go to :) But I wasn't in here, just found it on YouTube.

I'll be flying out to Ohio on Wednesday, so expect a few lovely guest posts from fellow PF bloggers! I'll be bringing my laptop so I'll probably post a few updates here and there, but you can also follow me on Twitter as I'm quite the Twitter whore these days. I mentioned in my last update that my sister's volleyball club made it to Junior Olympics so we'll be there until July 3rd.

After Ohio, my sis and I fly back to San Diego and she'll be staying with us for a week. I'm stoked and I plan to take her everywhere in SD...we're going to play tourists and go to the Del Mar fair, museums, our favorite restaurants, jetskiing, boogie boarding, the dog beach and maybe the zoo or SeaWorld. I'm really excited since I've been working and studying too much and I haven't had the chance to explore SD since I first moved here 2 years ago. Back then, I was unemployed so it was much harder to experience everything.

After that week, it's the Disneyland trip with my cousins and then it's my BF's cousin's wedding, and then a trip to visit my dad and stepmom in Anaheim Hills. Since I agreed to continue working full-time until July 27th, this means that after all the craziness of July, I'll be working 2 whole weeks full-time before I move back to the bay area. That gives me a weekend of getting settled (aka organizing my closet) and then it's orientation time.
When will the madness end???

Fave Reads this Week

Money is Not the Solution to Financial Problems by The Happy Homeowner 
Do You Really Need Insurance? by The Money Princple 
What Should You Do? by Krant Cents 
Battling Shopping Addiction: Making Behavioral Changes by My Broken Coin 
Life Lessons I Learned From Super Mario by My Money Design 
How to Help Your Wedding Party Save Money by My Canuck Buck on Canadian Budget Binder
How a Frat Party Can Teach You Personal Finance by The College Investor 
Have Finance Bloggers Run Out of Things to Say? by Financial Uproar
Emergency Funds: Use Them if You Need to by Money Life and More
Buying a House by Making Sense of Cents
The True Cost of Home Ownership by See Debt Run
How to Step Up to Change - Coping Mechanisms for Those Who Are Resistant by Add Vodka
Rip-off Report #8 - Car Spotting Edition by Your Life for Less 
Financial Wisdom from Southern Sayings by You Have More Than You Think
Budget Analysis Paralysis by Below Her Means
Strategies for Paying for Vacations by Evolving PF
If the World is Ending, Is it Time to Rack Up Your Credit Cards? by Femme Frugality
Can I Really Become Less of a Brand Junkie? by American Debt Project
Is DIY a Good Idea? The Story of the Roof by Blue Collar Workman
Does It Cost More to Cook on the Oven or the Grill in the Summertime? by My Family Finances
Mortgage Broker vs. Mortgage Lender by One Smart Dollar
Top Rewards and Cash Back Credit Cards by Work Save Live
Making Decisions: Risk vs. Reward by Thirty Two Dollars
Getting Social on Socia Media by So Over Debt on Modest Money

Blog Updates and Lots of THANK YOUS...

The Alexa ranking is under 300k now. I remember freaking out when I got my own domain and seeing it at 7 million when I worked so hard to get my blogspot domain near 200k. Guess you just gotta keep doing what you're doing and the rank will fall.

I don't post up links to posts I was mentioned on, but I also want to just acknowledge it and say that I really appreciate that - thank you to everyone who include me in their weekly favorites, weekly link-ups, and/or favorite reads. Blogging can be so one dimensional sometimes since it's just me blogging on here and tweeting, but I really like that we all relate to each other and have gotten to know each other so well.

I also want to thank those on Twitter who promote and share my posts or just take the time to converse with me - You guys are awesome and such great friends. I truly appreciate it! Also, because I'm on a roll with thanking...thanks to all the readers and commenters (new and old) for always leaving comments and adding to the discussion. I just want to let you all know that you shouldn't feel obligated to comment on my blog just because I comment on yours...I genuinely like it when people want to comment to just leave their opinions or add to the discussion. I try my best to find lots of new blogs as well as keep up with my current blogs on rotation but know that I am reading a ton and commenting/promoting as much as I can.

Sorry this post is all over the place! My brain is obviously in many different places right now :)

What are your plans for the weekend? Do you have any cool vacations planned for the summer?


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