Planning A (Frugal!) Proposal

Happy Friday! I have another guest post for you today from my blogging buddy Bobbie (alliteration anyone?) - enjoy!

About Bobbie: I'm a 27 year old who is currently trying to make memories on a budget and get out of debt.  I blog at Bog of Debt - hope to see you there!

Hello From Shopping to Saving readers! I told Erika that I would do a guest post for her and immediately was thinking “oh my god, what will I write about?”  Then remembered that when I got engaged she asked for the story behind it and voila! An idea was born! Honestly, the guy and I talked about getting married this summer.  Yup, this summer on August 4th and we had talked about this in February? Or something like that.  There was no ring, no “true” proposal but as his family will be up here this summer, we thought that it would be a good idea.  And as I was never one to dream about my “dream” wedding, this sounded pretty good to me.

A chapel was found and a budget was built.

But then my guy started to hesitate—he has certain things that he felt needed to be done before we could get married.  One was he wanted to buy the engagement ring and actually propose to me.   The second was that he wanted to go on a honeymoon and he wanted it to be on the beach.  

So we sat down once more and planned a new budget.  

I won’t lie—I knew that he was going to propose to me before the end of July.  I am not a great person to surprise because it does the whole “not in control” thing.  And well, I get horribly embarrassed and prefer private things.  I also really didn’t want an overpriced ring.  As we are getting out of debt, I felt that something that was worth 2 paychecks would make me feel horrible!  And obviously we couldn’t just take the money right away. 

Instead, we agreed upon a sum that he would keep from his paycheck in order to surprise me with a ring.  (And the date that it would be done by.)

Not the real ring :P via

Then came the Saturday before Mother’s Day.  He had me come with him to the store in order to pick out a ring that we both would agree on.  I had mentioned a fake diamond and he said he would consider it but would rather have a real one.   And then we both found the perfect one.  I tried it on to make sure that it would fit (it did!) and that was it.  Or so I thought—I really thought he was going to make me wait until July.  And as I’m not the most patient person that was such a horrible thing to even think of.

Later that night we went for a quick walk in the park and he stopped me to propose! It was really magical and perfect.  Honestly, it was great—no one was around and I didn’t have to wait! It was done by the fountain and the sun was just setting.  So yes, in my mind it was perfect.  Everyone gets surprised when I say that I knew it was coming and what the ring would look like but to me, it just helped keep the excitement mounting.  

Do I have an idea of the price? Well, yeah but I don’t know exactly what it was.  What I do know is that it fits with my more thrifty soul and it is an absolute beautiful ring.

Editor's note: Such a cute (and practical) story! This is definitely something I've been thinking about since the BF and I share everything. He has mentioned to me before that since I'm so picky, I would probably want to choose out my engagement ring..but at the same time we need to budget for it. BUT at the same time, I want that element of surprise. How does everyone figure this stuff out?

Have you ever planned the purchase of your engagement ring? Did you know the details of your proposal? If you're a guy, will you plan the proposal and engagement ring on your own or with your significant other?


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