The Power of "Unlimited"

Have you ever stopped to wonder what unlimited really means?

Do you think that nothing is unlimited on this planet? Think about all of our resources that we are using up daily. The only time we can make resources truly “unlimited” is if we find substitutes for these resources once they run out. You know that unlimited data plan you pay for (and that I pay for)? Is it really unlimited or is there a certain cap that most people just never reach each month? What are the consequences of thinking about “unlimited?”

When you know you have unlimited minutes each month, do you think to yourself, “I have to be careful with how much data I use, because I will run out?” or is it more like, “I have unlimited data so I’m going to use as much data as I can and not give a flying f*** about how much I use!”

I’d say that I am more of the latter.

"Unlimited" Thinking

If you are thinking like this all the time, knowing that there is no ending…or feeling as though the possibilities are endless, it can be harmful.


I just remember when I was in my whole shopping addiction phase for a few years. I felt like my credit card gave me unlimited funds to spend money since I was paying the minimum payment each month. I felt like my minimum wage job at the time was going to provide me with a steady paycheck to pay for all of those nice things I acquired. Is this how people get into debt? How people can go on with their lives everyday after making decisions? Because they think the resources they need will continually be provided to them? I think this type of thinking leads to bad decisions. I’m not sure I like the connotation of unlimited anymore.

Now that I’m in the homestretch of my first full-time job, I’m taking time to reflect upon my past two years here. Since I’ve been working, I got comfortable in my job with my daily duties. I have the same schedule, same routine, same hobbies and same people in my life. Things stay consistent, and in my perspective, I’ve been feeling as though this type of life was unlimited. Unlimited, meaning that I wasn’t thinking of the end of the journey and I wasn’t appreciating the lifestyle I was living. Isn’t that always the case?

Think back when you were a child. Elementary school felt like forever right? You had the same friends and the same schedule, yet you wanted so badly to grow up. That’s how I’m feeling right now. When you’re on a path or in a certain stage in your life, you feel like it will never end…you feel like your time in this phase will be unlimited. I was plotting ways to get promoted quickly and I was making my life comfortable because I thought I would be here for at least ten years.

I can’t help but think of how different it would have been if I had known that I would be moving on from this job so soon?

For one, I probably would have contributed less towards retirement and investing. I was putting close to 40% towards those goals. I would have liked to put that towards savings since I’d prefer to hold back as long as possible before taking out loans. The government got rid of unsubsidized loans for higher education here, so interest starts accruing once loans are disbursed. The later you take ‘em out, the less interest you pay.

There are downsides to unlimited thinking though. I could have easily taken a different approach here if I started thinking “nothing is ever unlimited” from the start. I may have been lazy and slacked off from the very beginning since I would have known that I wouldn’t be here for many years. I could have ignored networking and forming relationships that would help me later in the future.

I need to find a balance between unlimited thinking and normal thinking, and see what works best for me. I can't be all, "Carpe Diem!" everyday.

EDIT: I like how some of you brought up positives to unlimited thinking. There's definitely a ton of ways we can use it to our benefit.. I especially liked the comments about unlimited love and unlimited possibilities for achieving our dreams and goals.

So what about you? Do you think in terms of “unlimited” and does it affect you negatively or positively?


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