You Know You're Obsessed With Personal Finance Blogging When...

So I've come to the conclusion that I'm a bit obsessed with blogging, specifically PF blogging and the PF community. I'm so obsessed that I need to share my addiction with you and hope that you are all just as bad as me.

Also, I feel like someone somewhere out there may have done something similar to this before as it's probably not uncommon, so if you did - let me know and I'll link you up in this post!

Oh, btw - I didn't forget about my weekly faves post! It will be up soonish. When I say soonish, I really mean that I haven't finished it yet and I meant to finish it last night but I much preferred working on this post.

Feel free to add more to this list. I'm expecting lots of funny responses and additions :)


You know you're obsessed with personal finance blogging when...
  1. You completed, have joined, or thought about joining the Yakezie challenge.
  2. You check every website's Alexa ranking...just to "see where they're at."
  3. You check your Alexa ranking first thing in the morning.
  4. Your boyfriend tells you to "go consult your personal finance blog friends." (Errr, is that just me?)
  5. You check your stats to see what Google search words bring visits to your blog.
  6. You laugh hysterically at the aforementioned Google search words that bring visits to your blog.
  7. Some of your very good friends are people you met through PF blogging.
  8. If you're in the US, you know what a RRSP is.
  9. If you're in Canada, you know what a 401k is.
  10. You know that Vancouver is super expensive and then you don't feel bad about where you live. LOL.
  11. You would rather stay at home than go out...y'know just to "whip up a few pre-scheduled posts."
  12. You want to go to #Fincon12 or have been to #Fincon11.
  13. You have a set posting schedule and you get stressed if you don't stick with it.
  14. You start thinking, "I'm going to be rich!" when you get your first email from an advertiser.
  15. Part-time jobs and freelancing are actually defined as "side hustles" in your vocabulary.
  16. When someone says carnival, you don't think of rides and cotton-candy.
  17. People look at you funny when you say, "Omg I have to blog about that!"
  18. You get excited because you had a No Spend Day (NSD).
  19. You have accounts with Disqus, IntenseDebate, Wordpress and Blogger. So you can leave comments, duh!
  20. You've thought about, or have hired Andrea from Nuts and Bolts Media to redesign your blog.
  21. You start thinking about how you can make blogging a full-time job...and how you can retire early.
  22. You have to restrain yourself from giving out financial advice to friends who aren't PF bloggers.
  23. You've mastered how to read Blogger captcha codes.
  24. You always have a million tabs open (twitter, your blog, and a plethora of other blogs).
  25. You end up writing "cents" when you meant "sense."

    Last but not least...
  26. You want to add something to a list about people being obsessed with PF blogging... c'mon, you know you want to!


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