Raising Money Using Your Old Clothes

Raising Money Using Your Old Clothes

One of the quickest ways to generate some extra cash is to sell your old stuff. When most people think about raising money using this method, they look around for something big and valuable to sell, for example an expensive gadget, a piece of jewellery or an antique. Understandably, they believe that they have to sell something that costs them a lot to buy to generate a significant amount of cash. In reality, this is not necessary.

There is demand for all sorts of things,and if you sell enough small items, you will still generate a significant amount of cash. The good thing is that demand is growing. People are more careful with money, so many prefer to buy used goods rather than spend a lot on new items.

This means that people want to buy a wider range of goods second hand. Today it is just as viable to sell your old clothes for cash as it is to sell your old phones, games consoles and unwanted jewelery.

The Type of Clothes You Can Sell

However, when people hear that they can sell their old clothes many still assume that it is not an option for them. They know that antique or designer clothes can be sold for cash, but because they do not own these kinds of clothes, they tend to assume nothing in their wardrobe has any second hand value.

Until fairly recently they would have been right. However, recently, things have really changed. Today, it is now possible to be paid for all kinds of clothes. You will struggle to sell your old High Street branded clothes at a boot sale, but can now sell them to a textile dealer instead. Today, virtually every garment has a value, even when it is past its best. Naturally, antique or retro clothing still has the highest value, but it is possible to make a significant amount of money from selling ordinary clothes you bought from High Street stores.

Why Old Clothes are Now in Demand?

There are several reasons for this change. The biggest reason old clothes are now so valuable is that virtually all kinds of fabrics can now be recycled. The textile recycling industry is growing all the time, so demand for old clothes is strong. This new demand has been caused by the fact that the cost of producing raw materials like cotton have soared. There is also a growing market for cheap clothes coming from people who are finding it harder to make ends meet in today’s tough economic climate. In developing countries demand for used clothes, which are more affordable than new clothes, is also growing.

Advances in re-cycling technology have also helped. New techniques have made it possible to re-cycle a far wider range of materials and do so at a much lower cost. Today, large scale textile re-cycling is an economically viable business.

So, why not dig out your old clothes, go online and sell them. You will de-clutter, help the planet and others as well as generate some spare cash for yourself.


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