Networking vs. Resumes and Work Experience

Competitive. It's a word that has brought a new meaning into my life since going to law school. 

This semester, competition is fierce. People got cocky from getting high grades last semester (it's like winning the lottery honestly..most of the time just luck), from the interviews they're scoring, the summer jobs they're getting, the scholarships they're being awarded, the new business cards and membership cards they're flashing, etc. Everything is a big rat race.

I, along with all of my classmates, get caught up in volunteering, stressing about grades, finding the perfect summer job, going to networking events, being part of the board of several clubs, going to professors' office hours, reading the best supplements, making the best outlines, etc. I feel like every move is calculated to a tee. It's to the point where everything I do is to boost my resume or make myself more marketable for a job.

Everyone brags about interviews at school, but you also have to be careful because people will just end up applying to the same jobs as you, thus in effect creating more competition for yourself. 

Competition honestly turns people into crazies sometimes. 

At the end of the day, people are only watching out for themselves. Technically, I know we are all vying for the same internships, and one of my friends said, "It all comes down to networking and your resume doesn't really mean anything anymore." I agree that networking is important, but I don't think experience and especially your resume means nothing

Experience is extremely important and gives you more to talk about during the interview.I still think networking is important (I am forming mentor relationships with some attorneys) but your work experience and especially your resume play huge roles as well.

What are your thoughts on networking vs. your resume/work experience? 
How much importance would you give each one when job hunting?

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Would You Teach Your Kids To Fight Back?

I heard an interesting conversation on the radio the other day, and I'd really like to hear more input and see what others think.

The radio station djs were arguing about whether you should teach your children to fight back if they are threatened or hurt in school by other classmates.

What would you do if your child was threatened, being bullied, or hit by another classmate during school hours? Would you tell your child to fight back or would you tell them not to? 

Obviously, as a parent, I'm sure you would want your child to be safe and so you would teach your child to defend themselves. It would be devastating for any child to endure being tortured at school, harassed, threatened, for doing nothing wrong. On the other hand, by teaching them how to fight back, are you teaching them violence and that it's okay to hit people? Will they understand the difference between hitting someone in self defense and when they're not?

There was a heated argument on air between two of the djs, and I can see why they were both caught up in their arguments, but I wanted to hear other people's thoughts.

Since I'm not a parent, I can't imagine what it would feel like if my kids were being bullied, threatened, or harassed at school. These days, you never know what could happen in school and sadly it's not as safe a place as it once was with the reality of school shootings taking place around the country.

I think I can side with teaching my future kids how to defend themselves and how to fight back, but at the same time stress the importance of values, letting others know what's going on (like teachers and other adults like myself) in hopes of a physical attack could be avoided. I'm just not sure how I would go about this. I think it would have to depend on the child too, and what his/her personality is like to begin with.

If you would teach them how to fight back, I'm curious to know how you would do this and how you would try to teach them that violence is otherwise not okay. I think it would have to be taught when they are a bit older so they could fully understand, but I'm not sure what age would be appropriate. I guess that would have to be on a case-by-case basis.



2013 Goals and Life in Pics

Since I'm on a roll with procrastinating, I thought I'd FINALLY share some 2013 goals. I know we're rapidly creeping into April right now, but better late than never right?

I don't have specifics like increase my savings by $______ amount of money, because I don't have a job right now (hopefully I can save money in summer), and also because I'll be draining my savings to pay for school next year (post to come later on that). My 401k and roth IRAs are still sitting pretty, and I'm happy to see them grow even though I stopped contributing.

2013 Goals

For 2013, I want to focus on eating clean, getting active, stressing less, smiling more, and staying positive. All very cliche I know, but I absolutely need all of these things in my life right now. 2012 was an awesome year, with the latter half of it running me to the ground. I didn't have a social life, had lots of breakdowns, cried often, and spent almost every waking minute of each day studying and trying to be perfect. When this happens, I don't do my best because I tend to lose sight of other priorities. It reminded me that life is too short to grow grey hair early, and life is meant to be enjoyed. There's always light at the end of the tunnel...and someone, somewhere in the world definitely has it worse than me, always.

The hardest part of goal setting this year is that I'm doing it alone. The BF and I lived together for a long time. He's always been part of my everyday life, and we formed our own routines and traditions together. Now I'm meal planning for one, workouts for one, basically I lost a teammate and this team of one struggled to keep up on her own. Although I've made goals for myself in the past, the BF was always such a motivational push to help me keep going -- having him not physically around is such a drastic change. We're coping with long distance, and seeing him more than once every 2 months is definitely better these days.

I've decided that I'll be blogging more about daily life, health and fitness, food, and recipes because I really need to keep track and stay accountable. I also want to share my life with you guys more, because I've always been really passionate about health and fitness, and it's hard having a blog where you don't talk about your other passions once in awhile. By sharing my ups and downs with personal finance, I was able to move forward and achieve goals, and I'd like to do the same with other parts of my life. Hope you don't mind!

So far, this year has been awesome. I've changed my approach for the semester and I'm learning how to manage the heavy workload and volunteering sessions. I take zumba classes every Tuesday and Thursday with my mom, go running every other day, cook my own food with lots of veggies, and spent more time with friends and family. I also want to get back to blogging, because I love this community :)

So here's to starting off 2013 on the right foot :)

With that, I'll leave you with some pictures of what's been going on in my life!
not even half of my books, my back is sad
chicken, jalapenos, avocado = my fave
chicken, broccoli, green beans
what reunions with my dog look like
a favorite pasttime, cuddling with my dog
we get lots of free stuff in law school
gorgeous hike in San Diego
my sister and I are froyo diehards
in law school, you waste paper on research
the first thing you do when you get to San Diego is get margaritas in old town.
from our hike in SD
when in doubt, make omelettes
another favorite salad - chicken, guac, salsa, crushed tortilla chips
watching my bro's varsity volleyball game
vegan "chicken" thai salad with vegan "mac & cheese"
prepping veggies so they're easier to cook
smoothies are my fave
Expect more post like these in the future =) Pictures speak louder than words....I think?! If you have any recipes you think I should try, please let me know! I have a lot of snap peas, green beans, mushrooms, and asparagus in the fridge. Also if you have any juicing recipes, I'd love to hear them too - my mom got a new juicer that I'm itching to try out.

Happy Friday!
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