No One Knows What the Hell They're Doing

So, just an update regarding Project Maximize (see last post) – I looked at all of my accounts again and noticed I still have my travel fund and gift fund that I did not account for when I originally started with my $25k cash savings. I was a major saver and it’s definitely paying off! I was able to allocate another $4,000 towards my 7.9% interest student loan, bringing down my total debt to about $30,000. I still have about $2,000 in my travel/gift fund and I don’t foresee any traveling in the near future so I’m going to also use that “fund” as a misc savings fund to cover travel/gifts/wedding. (Yes I’m planning my wedding before I’m even engaged LOL that’s what happens when you’ve been with someone for almost 8 years, you get the wedding bug).

Anyway, I went off on a long tangent! I was talking to a good friend last week and we were catching up with life and also her new job. This woman is an attorney in her mid-thirties, and has lots of work experience. What she said was striking and a realistic statement about life. I was talking about the challenges with law school, and the constant need to worry about finding your next job and always comparing yourself with what others are doing.

She then replied, 
“Listen, even at my age and everyone else who is older, no one knows what the hell they’re doing. Trust me. Everyone is still just scrambling and acting like they know what’s going on, but at the end of the day, no one knows exactly what they’re supposed to be doing.”

I couldn’t stop thinking about this statement because it rings true to everything in my life. I'm the type to worry about what will happen if I make the wrong move or what will people think of me if I make mistakes? But you know what, it's OKAY! 

When I was younger I always thought there was a “right” way of doing something – the right career, the right time to get married, the right time to go back to school, and so on. At work, you see everyone buzzing around like they know what’s going on, and maybe they are amazing at their jobs or they’ve been there for many years, but still; that doesn’t mean that I’m supposed to know everything or what I’m going to be doing.

This conversation with my friend really put my mind at ease. There’s a lot of uncertainty with where my life is going right now, and I used to let it bother me a lot. There is no life plan for me, and I’m trying to just remind myself that not knowing what’s going on is part of the adventure of it all, and sooner or later I’ll be comfortable with my decisions and I’ll look back fondly at this time (or maybe not so fondly, but that’s okay). Also, it’s funny to think about everyone not knowing what exactly it is they’re supposed to be doing, whether it’s something at work or even a life goal they’re trying to accomplish. It’s just something that I like to think about to remind myself that I don’t need to inundate myself with loads of pressure all the time.

This will definitely help me decrease the blood pressure during these next few years as I embark on this journey haha. This can seriously apply to everything that stresses me out including school, work, future, money, debt (SUCH A BIG ONE), and finances.

Do you tend to think everyone else is always doing the “right” thing all the time? Or that they’re on the path to do what they’re “supposed” to be doing? Whether it’s finances, career, education, etc., I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Hopefully this brought some inspiration to your day ;)


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