Link Love: Fave Reads and the End of Summer

Happy Friday everyone! I cannot believe it is mid-August! Where on earth did the summer go? I had such a great time in San Diego and I am sad to see it end, but at the same time I am excited for school to start again (weird right?) and to start getting back on the daily grind....literally, because that means more coffee at 3x a day.

This weekend is my last weekend in SD and sadly I'll be doing work and homework mixed with some packing in between before I head back up to the bay area for school on Monday. My calendar is already getting jam-packed and I can feel the stress coming. My goals this school year are to stay focused, try not to spread myself too thin and to spend more time on relationships (boyfriend, family, friends). Last year I definitely failed in the relationship department and alienated myself from many.

My class load for this fall includes 14 units - Evidence, Advocacy, Con Law II, Adv Legal Writing and a Clinic where I'll get to do client intakes/interviews at a pro bono legal center. On top of that I want to try out for the Honors Moot Court External IP team. It will be focused on negotiating...how sweet would it be to get to participate in the competition? I also want to try my luck at getting on the ever so prestigious Law Review. Oh yeah, I'm also the internal VP for the Law and Business Club board so I'm excited for that too! I think that should be enough on my plate. I think I will have to hold off on an internship until spring or maybe next year. I still have to make time for interviewing...currently I only have 1 OCI interview lined up next week. We shall see how everything pans out!

I haven't done a link love post in awhile, partially because there is just so much out there that I've been loving and I haven't been keeping track. I also have been immersed in reading tons of different blogs/websites focusing on fashion/shopping (you all know that is my #1 passion), health and fitness, legal matters and just general politics and news. I also have a sensitive post coming up soon on a topic that is near and dear to my heart - it's a post about shopaholics and recovering shopaholics. Stay tuned!

OH also if you are in the US, check out the September issue of Shape magazine! I'm featured in there somewhere :) I still need to pick it up myself!

Okay enough of my rambling...onto the link love!

Here are my top reads that I enjoyed:

1. Cheap Ways to Stay Healthy at Making Sense of Cents
2. The Importance of Learning How to Negotiate at Newlyweds on a Budget
3. Money & Relationships: Joint Accounts at My Alternate Life
4. A great post on Roth IRA Withdrawals at Debt Blag
5. Gender Discrimination: When Powerless Language Can Be Powerful at Femme Frugality
6. How Much Should You Spend on Office Clothes? at Mo Money Mo Houses (btw congrats Jess for the new job!)
7. Oprah & the $40,000 Bag at Budget and the Beach

Other favorites of the moment because I can't contain myself:

Favorite color right now: I have been LOVING any shade of turquoise and coral.

Favorite music right now: I love all the top 40 stuff out right now, but I just discovered Jay Loftus through youtube and his songs are just soooo gooood! If you like Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson and the like definitely DEFINITELY check out Jay Loftus on YouTube or Spotify.

Favorite item of clothing right now: I've never been a "dress" girl. I've always gravitated towards shorts (denim shorts particularly) or skinny jeans. This summer I lived in colorful skinny jeans for work (casual dress code) and recently I've been obsessing over dresses. They are just so comfy and cute! I bought some recently at BR outlet and Gap outlet.

Favorite food/drink right now: I've been craving watermelon juice. I want to buy a watermelon today. Also, I'm into salads with "fruity" dressing. I had a salad yesterday with a mango dressing that was delicious. Also another favorite is a raspberry vinaigrette.

Favorite skincare or makeup product right now: Recently discovered MAC mineralize skinfinish natural since I don't really wear liquid foundation. This powder is perfect for me since I just want a light light coverage. Also I'm obsessing over the Foreo Luna since my Clarisonic Mia broke. The only downfall is that it is $200. Too much for a skincare product? Probably so!

I think that's pretty much it! What have you been reading this week and what are your favorites of the moment (color/music/clothing/food/drink)?

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