Money Options for the Unemployed

Hi everyone, happy Tuesday! Today I have a guest post about ways to find money when you're in between jobs. Enjoy!

These days, people are being let go left and right and finding a new job can be difficult. Until the economy really takes a turn for the better, maintaining a job or finding a new one may be hard. 

If you have found yourself in the position of being unemployed and are worried about money, there are things you can do to try and alleviate the stress. Being unemployed does not have to a stressful period as there are many ways of making money to hold you over until something more stable comes along. 

Depending on your talents and resourcefulness, there are various avenues for getting money without taking on new credit or loans.

Below are a few practical ideas on earning a bit of cash whilst looking for something more fulltime:

Can You Answer Me Please

There are several online forums interested in having professionals answer the questions of their users. You can get paid to answer questions about your profession or on other various subjects. If you are dedicated and available as required, you will be able to pay all your bills from this contract.

Personal Shopper

Some people are so busy; they can’t even take time off work to buy clothes. If you have the passion to dress for success or make fashionable choices, you can make money shopping for others. Research thoroughly; this helps you to establish what kind of designs flatter the body shapes of your clients. Treat them like celebrities and they will keep asking for you.

Offer Research Services

If you have the patience to sit and research on any subject, you can get work researching for authors who want to publish their books. Improve your research skills and they will refer others to you. People completing their degree programs are required to do research for their dissertations. You will have continuous work in no time.
If you are not interested in performing these jobs, you still have other options of making money in your locality.  Take a look at the jobs below.

Baby Sitting Services

You may need a reference from a known person in your community to be offered a chance to babysit someone’s child. You are at an advantage if you live in a friendly neighborhood. Take a short first aid course as children can get hurt while in your care. Learn fun activities to ensure the child left with you is entertained and they may even request for you when their parents go out.

Walking Dogs

If you love dogs, look for a job walking them for their owners. If you are well organized and able to handle them you will have regular work. Ask the owner if you can bathe the dogs after the walk for an extra fee. Most pet owners will pay well to ensure their pets receive the best care.

Offer Car Wash services

The majority of people in your neighborhood will have a car to get to work. You can print out flyers about your car washing services and hand them out in your neighborhood. Do not be afraid to get dirty.  Word of mouth will get you more work to build your egg nest.

Mow Lawns

Most people are afraid of hard work; you can mow their lawns to make that extra cash. You can do other cleanup activities for them to increase your spending kitty. If you have the know-how, offer to change their car oil as most people hate doing it.

Run Errands

You can buy groceries for a stay at home mom for a fee in your neighborhood. An elderly person may require you to accompany them as they go to the bank. They will pay you for that service.

There are many ways of making money if you know where to look. Talk to people and let them know you are available for work.  Unemployed doesn't have to mean no income or taking on loans, it could actually turn out to be just the kick in the pants you need to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams.


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