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About the writer of this blog....

Thanks for wanting to know more about me!

I'm Erika and I'm 26, and I'll be a 3rd year law student in the fall. I moved back to the bay area for law school after spending 3ish years working in San Diego. I'm a true California native - born and raised in the bay area, went to college on the central coast, and loved my time in SoCal so much that I now want to move back after I graduate. I quit my full-time job during my first year of law school as a Contracts Analyst for the Western Division of a Fortune 500 in the healthcare industry, and am now just juggling being a student, internships, extracurriculars, a long-distance relationship, health and fitness, and spending on a budget!

I want to get into corporate law and/or intellectual property. I'm hoping to do transactional work (meaning I will not be in court everyday), but I am keeping my options open as I explore different types of law. I've worked in firms that specialized in civil litigation, insurance defense, real estate defect, family law in addition to working in-house. I worked at a pharmaceutical company as a summer associate to the VP of legal/general counsel last year, and it only reinforced my passion for contracts and IP. If you know anyone who is looking for a legal associate in 2015 (I'll be taking the July 2015 CA bar), please send me an email! :)

More about me...

I graduated college in 2009 with a B.S. in Business Administration. My BF and I have been together for 8 years now and we met during my first year (and his last year) in college - so I guess that makes us college sweethearts, lol so cheesy I know. He has been through his share of career changes (I should probably make a post on this) and he is currently a senior consultant at a large consulting company and focusing on savings goals more aggressively. He's an ultimate saver and I used to be (or still am?) the ultimate spender. We're a great team and I like to talk about our relationship and how we deal with money. We used to have a truly unique living situation which saves us from paying an enormous amount for rent, because we wanted to chase our dreams of becoming debt-free and owning property. In the mean time, I moved out and live with my parents while the BF still lives with his parents during this transition period before we get married and start our lives together. When I graduate from law school our first priority is to buy a property.

This blog is my attempt to change my ways and become more frugal to live the lifestyle I want to live now and in the future. It's hard though because I have a crazy passion for fashion, make-up, home decor, gifting, and basically anything that requires spending. Although the name of this blog is titled "From Shopping to Saving," it is NOT a shopping blog.

Join me in my journey to kick that shopping habit, control all those shopping urges, and to finally start saving money for myself, my future, my family and my future family!

Financial History:

I have been blessed with very generous parents (I have 2 sets) and thanks to all of them, I have no debt from undergrad. I basically dug myself out of my consumer debt after a year of working full-time. I have been given everything I have ever wanted in life (kinda). The only thing I regret is that I didn't learn the art of saving at an early age - learn more about my story here. I am grateful that my parents taught me that hard work brings rewards, since I was literally forced to have and maintain a job since I was 15! Now that I've ventured off into the world of paying for myself entirely and paying my way through law school, I am finally seeing the woes of self-sufficiency...it's not as bad as I thought (ask me again when those loan payments start to kick in).

The Future of this Blog:

It's crazy how this blog started when I was first swimming in consumer debt due to my mismanagement of money in college and spending more than what I was saving (I was saving nothing). I remember painstakingly changing my age each year in this bio from 22 all the way up to the present age of 26. I am back to swimming in debt, except this time it's an investment in education and though I'm not buying a lot of "stuff," it's a lot more debt than I have ever imagined. I hope you'll continue to join me on my journey!

I love fashion, working out, zumba, running, reading, writing, fashion, pilates, spending time with family and friends, a good cocktail, and shopping (now window shopping). My other obsessions include bags, shoes/boots, gadgets, and jewelry. I enjoy reading fashion/beauty/tech/personal finance blogs and websites.

Right now I'm just trying to focus on finishing law school (2015!!!) and then passing the bar (SCARY)...and getting a job right out of school. It would be great to be able to achieve that all while managing my money well so that I don't have to live in a box on the street after I graduate. :)

Disclaimer: I'm not a professional financial adviser and I'm not telling you that you should be following any of my advice. This blog is for informational purposes only. All opinions are mine unless otherwise stated or through guest posts.

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